Engagely NAVNxt for the Future Ready Revenue Cycle Management

An IVR maze without human intervention and the next big thing for RCM BPOs

Here’s how NAVNxt reduces Human (agent’s) Involvement on the call

The voice bot is intelligent enough to dynamically adapt to changes in the conversation flow and respond accordingly, in contrast to the traditional IVR system.

This streamlines the intricate RCM process by automating laborious tasks, saving time, improving agent satisfaction and productivity, expediting reimbursements to hospitals, and reducing costs throughout your organization.

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Improvement in average time for processing claims
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Reduction in AR (Accounts Receivable) days
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Improved productivity with reduced manual interventions
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Reduction in cost per claim

Want to know how IVR Navigation Automation for Revenue Cycle Management can help your business?

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Easy Integrations with Existing and New CRM Systems

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Faster Deployment with No-Code

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Best In Class Proprietary NLP Engine

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Robust Knowledge Base

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Enterprise-Grade Security

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Real-time Analytics