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5 reasons why AI-powered chatbots is a must in travel industry

The success of any travel company relies heavily on customer experience. At every stage of customer interaction, whether it is the pre-booking stage or the post-travel stage, customer convenience is the most important factor for a travel company. That’s why almost every travel company looks for more efficient solutions that can boost customer engagement and experience without adding up massively to the upfront costs.

Well, this is where AI comes into the picture. AI-powered Chatbot have emerged as a revolution in the travel industry. With minimal investments, CX Automation is now allowing travel companies to deliver exceptional levels of customer engagement and experience. Are you also looking to integrate Travel AI chatbot and other AI tools into your travel business? Well, you must.

Here’s a brief look at AI CX Automation and how it is transforming the travel industry like never before.

What Is CX Automation?

CX (Customer Experience) Automation is the process of utilizing advanced AI tools to simplify and streamline customer experience workflows while boosting customer satisfaction.. With the help of AI, organizations can now automate various resource intense tasks, increase agent productivity while providing on demand proactive customer experience.

Importance Of CX Automation In the Travel Industry

The travel industry has taken a massive hit after the COVID-19 pandemic due to travel restrictions, staff restrictions, and other complications. In other words, there was a strong need for  a solution that could streamline and simplify  customer journeys and ease the pressure of staffing for the travel companies.

And therefore, CX automation has become an imperative for the modern travel sector. With AI-powered Chatbot, travel companies are now able to give a highly engaging experience on their online portals. The customers are just loving it  as the new generation customer goes with the self-serve first approach and is more than happy to solve problems on his own.

Advantages Of Having Travel AI Chatbots On Your Online Portal

AI chatbots simply have plenty of benefits, especially for the travel industry. Here are some key advantages you need to know about.

Hyper-personalized Experiences: Modern AI-powered Chatbots are backed by in-depth customer behavior insights and data analytics. So, the customer gets relevant information, which is personalized according to their previous searches, preferences, and travel history. The more personalized the experience is, the better the customer feels about the company. So, this feature here is a real game-changer.

Humanlike CX: AI Chatbots are no longer bots that give a pre-programmed robot-like response to customer queries. Equipped with an NLP engine and sentiment analysis the modern travel AI Chatbots are highly intuitive, and their responses are more human-like. The customers feel like they are talking to a real human, and therefore, they like interacting with the bot.

Real Time Response: Long wait time negatively impacts customer satisfaction. The high volume of customer queries and calls cause long wait times and leads to customer dissatisfaction. However, with Travel AI Chatbots, your customers won’t have to wait. The AI powered Chatbot driven responses are quick, accurate, and efficient, so your customers will get their queries resolved almost instantaneously.

24*7*365 Availability: By intelligent implementation of CX automation, you can provide 24-hour customer service without compromising on service quality. You can reduce the workload on your employees and leverage Travel AI Chatbots to provide customer service in those late hours, weekly offs, and holidays too.  Therefore, with AI chatbots your customer service department will be seamlessly available throughout the day and every day of the year.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: All the above advantages clearly lead to one massive advantage- Customer Satisfaction. With AI-powered Chatbots to automate the customer experience, your customers will get an elite-level of personalized experience. From ticket booking and hotel booking to travel planning, AI chatbots can assist customers with all stages of travel. Even during the post-travel stage, your travel AI Chatbot can provide customers with future offers like personalized travel packages, hotel offers, flight-ticket discounts, etc.


As you can see, there are several advantages of integrating AI-powered Chatbots into your travel company’s online portal. Nowadays, almost all the companies in the travel industry are investing in AI technology due to its sheer efficiency. The customers love interacting with Chatbots as it offers a personalized and quick customer service interface, while businesses love it as it reduces the workload on employees. The margin of human error also reduces massively, with AI driven Chatbots in place. Clearly, CX automation is a revolution that the travel industry was eagerly waiting for.

So, if you are also in the travel industry, make sure you get Travel AI Chatbot immediately to provide out of box experience to your valuable customers. helps amplify the level of personalization and offers exclusive customer experience that can bring down human efforts on low-end repetitive yet time-consuming tasks. The Omni channel platform can help you automate customer support and drive superior engagements across 35+ channels and 120 global languages.

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