Your Partner Through The Digital Age

Your Partner Through The Digital Age

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Supercharge Business Operations with Generative AI Powered Predictive Analytics

Turn data chaos into actionable insights and drive outstanding results for your enterprise at scale.

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"engagely analytics cloud"

The future of customer experience lies within intelligent analytics and actionable insights

Engagely Analytics cloud extracts valuable customer insights from essential conversational AI metrics that help in predicting outcomes and driving strategic business decisions for the future. With a Generative AI-driven knowledge base, quick training, and deeper product and service knowledge Engagely’s accurate and validated analytics help un-reveal the insights in the customer data, teams’ performance, and business trends. This helps you act upon findings for accelerating business performance.


Make better and informed decisions with meaningful insights

"conversation insights"

Conversational Insights

Generative AI-powered analytics can significantly enhance conversational insights by providing a deeper and more meaningful understanding of each interaction. It monitors each conversation and acts on gathered insights that matter most to your overall CX. This includes but is not limited to customer feedback, customer satisfaction score (CSAT), user acquisition details, IVA (intelligent virtual assistants) performance, detailed intent- entities, session insights, languages usage, and live chat insights. It further allows you to evaluate and critically look at the ones that need special attention or have the greater potential to drive change in your overall CX and EX.

" call audit"

Call Audit

The 100% call audit gives better visibility of every customer call. Engagely analytics transcribes each call to help identify the underlying reasons for customer dissatisfaction and agents’ behavior or attributes during the call. Generative AI generates transcriptions and data extraction that makes it easier to analyze and review conversations critically to make future engagements better. The keywords can be found within the transcripts along with their frequency and occurrence over time. It also helps you accurately identify the intents and sentiments of the customer to drive an empathetic customer experience and report a flag if and when required.

"agent performance"

Agent performance

The insights help in gaining a holistic picture of your team’s performance that leads to more strategic initiatives while a knowledge base, quick training, and deeper product and service knowledge powered by Generative AI help agents perform better. The scoreboard includes insights on process adherence, compliance, quality assurance, and customer satisfaction scorecard basis call hold, supervisor escalations, sense of urgency, and more. The reporting and custom dashboarding along with supervisory control further lets supervisors keep track of agent development and progress and thereby quickly identify critical areas for coaching.

" business insights"

Business Insights

Backed by Generative AI the analytics cloud analyzes historical data to identify patterns and trends, enabling businesses to make predictions about future outcomes. For example, it can forecast sales trends, customer behavior, or market demand. This is a very powerful feature that lets you have an aerial view of your overall business insights to help you know exactly what’s happening in your business. Engagely AI engine analyzes millions of customer conversations in real-time.

The analytics outperform when combined with other transformative AI solutions

"engagely automation cloud"
"unified communications cloud"
"cloud contact center"

Engagely Automation Cloud

The voice-first automation suite of intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) derives better insights for each conversation you have with a customer by leveraging custom dashboards, user insights, real time monitoring, goal completion rate tracking, and report scheduling. Thereby helps you power your CX across channels, languages, and devices.

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"engagely automation cloud"

Unified Communication Cloud

With rich analytics, Engagely’s single window console helps you streamline customer and agent interactions with the unified inbox across voice call, email, chat, and messenger apps for driving exceptional CX .

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"unified communications cloud"

Contact Center Cloud

Leverage built-in analytical intelligence to automate and simplify call center operations with unified customer and agent experience across channels with minimal deployment time and reduced costs.

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"cloud contact center"

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