Your Partner Through The Digital Age

Your Partner Through The Digital Age

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Unleash The Potential Of ITSM Automation

Help your employees experience on demand, self-serve first IT support experience while allowing IT professionals to focus on high value work

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Better employee experience with reduced IT overheads

Needless to say that IT service management is the lifeblood of any organization. ITSM automation can significantly optimize your overall management of IT support services and add value to the organization’s growth. Engagely’s AI automation solution helps you reform operational efficiency, overall productivity, and user satisfaction by streamlining the simple repetitive manual tasks, all this at reduced expenses.

For all your IT support experience optimization needs


Automation of IT operations and processes


Improved resolution time


Enhanced operational efficiency


Reduction in cost spent on IT maintenance operation

Make IT process automation simple & effective with Engagely

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IT process automation optimizes ITSM experience to adequately adding value to your development endeavors

"end-to-end assistance"

Intelligent Automation For End-To-End Assistance

Provide assistance to the user in both ways: guided and unguided flows. The automation allows integration with various backend/frontend platforms. It automatically raises the ticket if the issue is not resolved.

"ticket categorization & assignment"

Ticket Categorization & Assignment

The smart ITSM automation intelligently categorizes tickets to the agent group based on the type of issue while informing the respective agent group and giving all history of issue.

"access provisioning / deprovisioning"

Access Provisioning / Deprovisioning

With total experience automation, automate access provisioning/deprovisioning for users. If required, two step confirmation can be placed. Performance of steps is tracked through various channels.

"self enablement of the user for troubleshooting"

Self-Enablement Of The User For Troubleshooting

No need to make employees rush to the IT helpdesk for each and every support issue. The analytics-driven ITSM automation assists users in every single step when an issue occurs. The self -serve first approach and the rich analytics help analyze user activities to provide personalized resolutions.

"sending notification"

Sending Notification / Alerts

Make your employees work life easier by keeping them updated with the information about any outages or other situations that may affect their workday. Unlike the traditional IT ticketing system, ITSM automation keeps your employees posted on the status of their support tickets with timely notifications and alerts.

"escalation management"

Escalation Management

Smooth handover to the live agent on the user request while informing agents about the issue and past conversations. Integration with IoT devices or other service management software is done to provide speedy resolution.

Engagely’s intelligent IT process automation is changing workplaces everywhere with its cutting-edge solutions, ITSM is no exception

"IT domain specific NLP engine

Provide highly accurate and faster resolutions with IT domain specific NLP engine

"incident management"

Effective & efficient incident management to investigate, analyze, and report the issues

"actionable insights"

Drive AI driven decisions with actionable insights and modern dashboards

" service level agreements "

Seamlessly achieve service level agreements (SLAs) to eliminate ticket duplications

"increase ROI"

Increase ROI like never before with combined search option and chat functionalities

"deployment on cloud"

Deployment as per your preference-on cloud / prem or hybrid system.

The virtual IT assistant drives support across core communication channels

"ai automation cloud"
"unified communication cloud"
"engagely analytics cloud"

AI Automation Cloud

The AI-Powered ITSM bot across voice, chat, and email channels help resolving majority of the troubleshooting issues, employee queries and more without the intervention of a human agent. This helps reduce the high volume of tickets, thereby enhancing the productivity of the IT service desk and letting them work on the strategic tasks to match your business needs.

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"ai automation cloud"

Unified Communication Cloud

Break the communication silos within your organization by moving beyond the walk-up IT desk. Unify routine access management support with a single window console by seamlessly integrating help desk functions across the existing apps, devices and channels.

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"unified communication cloud"

Engagely Analytics Cloud

Gain useful insights into agent availability, call volumes, employee satisfaction rates and more – and all this in real-time. The modern dashboards and custom reporting helps in continuously improving the performance of your AI automation solutions by anticipating failure scenarios while identifying scope for fine-tuned support.

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"engagely analytics cloud"

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