Your Partner Through The Digital Age

Your Partner Through The Digital Age

"Education Bot and Student Conversation"

AI In Education - Crafting Immersive Learning Experiences

Build the foundations of digital transformation through AI powered interactions in the ed-tech industry.

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AI in Ed-tech redefines the future of learning

The pandemic has reformed trends around the world and accelerated the adoption of technology across verticals wherein the education industry is no exception. Right from the admission process to unlocking the true potential of the online alumni community, there is a huge increase in the number of users who are willing to switch to the online learning model. is helping Ed-tech institutions catch up with the trends and join the AI automation movement.

Upgrade legacy tools with transformative AI automation


Increased retention rate


Improved student experience


Improved conversion rate


Reduction in cost of manpower & infrastructure

Drive greater immersive experiences with amazing advances of AI in education

Drive greater engagements with Engagely’s cutting edge AI automation solutions

Self-Serve First Approach

Right from the choosing course option, the AI powered assistance allows candidates to explore suitable learning courses and resources targeting specific requirements.

From Trials To Paid Subscriptions

AI in the education sector helps you achieve better conversions based on student customer behaviour like time they spend on a page or frequency of the page visits, their interests and preferences.

Automate End-To-End On-Boarding Process

From shortlisting candidates or students to course registration to enrolment, the AI takes care of it all.

Proactive Student Support & Engagement

With automated conversations drive engaging and informative interactions with prospects and existing students across channels.

Personalized Recommendations

The intelligent and insightful analytics help boost conversion with tailored course recommendations.

Notifications And Updates

Keep students, parents, and faculties informed about the meetings, course updates, time tables, class schedules.

Engagely’s AI automation solutions into the world of education, brings wonderful transitions

Engagely Automation Cloud

Automate the complete student and ed-tech professionals’ experience by streamlining student engagement and support workflows with the use of artificial intelligence in education. Eliminate turnaround time by automating your complete communication channel with’s AI driven chat, email and voice bot. Empowered with advanced NLP, these bots are more than capable of handling complex queries related to course updates, admission process, time tables and other information.

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Unified Communication Cloud’s unified window console empowers agents, supervisors and Agent assist with a single platform view. The unified view helps provide real time support and resolve all students’ and faculties’ queries and issues across channels, multi-messaging apps and devices in real time. The live chat software allows immediate support and information regarding course updates, admission process, time tables and other information.

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Analytics Cloud

The intelligent Analytics Cloud analyses information of student behaviour, pattern, attributes, needs, strengths, weakness, and preferences. The insights further help provide apt recommendations and make the end to end learning journey easier for students as well as for the faculties.

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Breaking barriers of location, time and language with revolutionary AI automation traits

Ready To Use Ed-Tech AI Models

Speedy Deployment With No-Code

"Omnichannel "

Omni-Channel & Multilingual Support

Seamless CRM Integrations

Rich Analytics And Actionable Insights

Exceptional customer support and engagement in 35+ channels across text and voice

Our success in transforming ed-tech operations


Enhanced Customer Engagement using WhatsApp Bot

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The client is a leading InsurTech platform to purchase life and general insurance products. The client focuses on introducing and delivering value-based, innovative, and competitive solutions for their customers....


Transforming merchant/distribution partners engagement using Conversational AI

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The first payments bank to go live with 410 branches and more than 25,000 banking points on day one....

Optimize end-to-end learning experiences with AI-first solutions