Your Partner Through The Digital Age

Your Partner Through The Digital Age

"email bot"

Deliver Real-Time Yet Hyper Personalized Customer Support With Email Bot

Respond to millions of customer emails simultaneously while driving exceptional CX and reducing your overall operational costs by more than 40%.

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Give customers the timely & personalized support they expect

Email bot is one of the most powerful yet unexplored solutions for improved customer support and experience. Thus, Engagely introduces a smart and intelligent email bot that ensures immediate case closure responses to customer queries at scale. This transforms customer experience and at the same time brings down the cost tremendously for enterprises.

Seize every opportunity to amaze and delight customers while improving your business KPIs


Automation of email workflows


Accuracy in responses


Improved customer experience


Reduction in workforce cost

Demystify the vastness of email bot in customer engagement

The email bot reads and adds follow-up emails from one or more email IDs to the same thread.

Engagely Email bot’s NLU can understand even a complex and unstructured email and seamlessly draft a structured response.

Out of the box integration with existing CRMs or other internal/back-end systems.

Documents attachment option for the response emails is available.

Smooth transition to the right human agents for the most complex emails with intelligent routing.

From drafting a mail to sending it to the user, the Email bot takes care of it all.


"low code bot builder platform"

Low code bot builder platform

"seamless integration with ecosystem"

Seamless integration with ecosystem

"cloud deployment"

Cloud deployment as per your preference

"drag and drop analytics"

Advanced drag and drop analytics

"enterprise grade security"

Enterprise-grade security

"customer success approach"

Customer success approach

"fast go live"

Lightning fast go-live

"contextual conversations"

Contextual conversations

"intent identification"

Intent Identification

Engagely email bot can detect multiple intents and entities in an email, construct a tailor-made response for each intent, and respond to the customer in a structured form.

"Smooth transition"

Smooth Transition Between Bot And A Human Agent

Bot can assign drafted emails to the agents for more complex queries. This smart virtual assistant understands categories and assigns complex scenarios email as per agent’s expertise and workload, this helps in resource utilization. The bot then learns the corrections and improves its responses for future communication.

"cross-channel context retention"

Cross-channel Context Retention

Connect with your customers on various channels depending on their convenience.’s smart virtual assistant has the capability of moving conversations of an open ticket from email to other channels and vice versa without making customers repeat their query.

"structured response"

Structured Responses

Since the email body allows free-style writing, emails from customers could be covering multiple queries placed in an unstructured format. Engagely Email bot can analyze the unstructured body to find the list of queries in order that the customer needs assistance for and replies in a structured format.

"Seamless Integration"

Seamless Integration

Engagely can be easily integrated with underlying systems, be it your existing ticketing systems or CRM tools. You can always opt for Engagely’s ticketing system if, in case your own ticketing system is not present. Each and every email transaction between the customer and the email bot are recorded in the CRM for future reference. Thus, email bot can check the previous mail history and provide an appropriate response.

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