Your Partner Through The Digital Age

Your Partner Through The Digital Age

"Telecom Bot and Customer Conversation"

End-To-End CX Automation With AI In Telecom

Revitalizing customer support and experience through automated yet highly personalized, persistent two-way AI conversations for telecom CX workflows.

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"Telecom Chatbot"

It's all about defining and deploying services faster

Telecom is not limited to providing basic phone and internet services anymore but is playing a significant role in elevating technological growth. However, increasing global traffic and the need for more network equipment make the operational processes highly complex and expensive. Engagely helps manage, optimize and maintain infrastructural overhauls while simplifying customer support operations with its transforming AI automation solutions.

Embrace automation for bringing out greater results


Automation of operational processes


Reduced average handling time (AHT)


Reduction in operational cost


Improved customer experience

We help redefine customer experience in tele-communications

"Telecom Customer Journey"

Give your customers the support they expect on the communication channels that they prefer

"Telecom Operation Automation"

Streamline Telecom Operations

From order management to billing and ticketing to subscriptions, streamline your telecom CX workflows to drive improved customer satisfaction.

Customer Feedback

The intelligent automation helps you significantly improve your NPS by collecting feedback from your customers in a conversational manner.

Predictive Analytics’s rich analytics and actionable insights can help you make smarter data-driven decisions for driving faster, better, and more efficient services.

Personalized Recommendations

The smart AI automation can help you provide relevant services to different segments of customers based on the predictions to boost up-sell and cross-sell.

Location-Based Promotions With Targeted Marketing can help you verify the real-time location feasibility for new customers and send joining promotions based on their needs.

Answering FAQs

Automate FAQs to provide instant solutions to your customers while helping them proactively identify and fix basic network related issues.

Remarkable customer experience & notable business growth with best-in-class solutions

"engagely automation cloud"
"unified communication cloud"
"Customer Analytics Cloud"

Engagely Automation Cloud

Streamline your complete communication channel with AI in telecom. Engagely’s voice, email and chatbot are empowered with advanced NLP, and thus these bots are more than capable of handling 95% of complex queries. Furthermore, they are supremely vigilant to tackle all kinds of queries at scale.

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"engagely automation cloud"

Unified Communication Cloud

No more toggling between various folders and screens for responding to customer queries.’s unified window console empowers agents, supervisors and Agent Assist with a single platform view for all customer queries and their resolutions across channels, multi-messaging apps and devices in real time.

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"unified communication cloud"

Customer Analytics Cloud

The AI driven rich analytics help you turn your customer data into an asset. The deep and meaningful insights from the customer data help you find the right fit  products and recommend it to your customers. It also helps you predict your customer’s behavior and, therefore, can optimize the complete customer journey.

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"Customer Analytics Cloud"

What makes stand out from others

"Ready-To-Use Telecom Industry AI Models"

Ready-To-Use Telecom Industry AI Models

"No Code Platform"

Automation With No-Code

"Omnichannel Experiences"

Seamless Omnichannel Experiences

"Actionable Insights"

Rich Analytics And Actionable Insights

"Smooth Integrations With CRM & API"

Smooth Integrations With CRM & API

Exceptional customer support and engagement in 35+ channels across text and voice

Our success in transforming telecom operations


Enhanced Customer Engagement using WhatsApp Bot

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The client is a leading InsurTech platform to purchase life and general insurance products. The client focuses on introducing and delivering value-based, innovative, and competitive solutions for their customers....


Transforming merchant/distribution partners engagement using Conversational AI

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The first payments bank to go live with 410 branches and more than 25,000 banking points on day one....

Witness extraordinary experiences with extraordinary AI-first solutions.