Your Partner Through The Digital Age

Your Partner Through The Digital Age

"logistics bot"

Simplifying CX Automation With AI In Logistics

Connect, track and inform all the key touchpoints of your end-to-end supply chain process with AI automation.

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Automation brings the most significant revolution in the logistics industry

Today, we are witnessing the rise of AI automation that is simplifying the end-to-end supply chain operations. These NLP driven sophisticated automation systems influence optimized routing, informed decision-making, and reduced labor. AI in logistics ultimately eliminates all the bottlenecks from the logistics process.

For global businesses facing pressure to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency of their logistics operations, AI automation is just a no brainer!

The impact of AI automation Is transforming the logistics industry


Increase in NPS


Automation of user conversations


Drop in fleet waiting time


Time saved in agent training

Introducing real-time intelligence across end-to-end logistics journey

"logistic customer journey"

Empowering end-to-end logistics journey with precision based AI automation at key touchpoints

"logistic operation automation"

Vendor Support

From processing service requests to sharing invoices and sending push notifications automate manual vendor operations with ease.

Inbound Logistics

The contactless and paperless approach to inbound logistics influences nothing but organized, safe and efficient shipment to warehouses.


Hand-held devices, point & scan based authentication of transporter and order verification. It further adds a layer of automation by offering optimized routes, unloading hours and personalized alerts to transporters in their preferred languages.

Customer Support

Providing real-time shipping updates, tracking notifications, generating quotations, booking services and delivery alerts and much more

Simplify Shipment Process

Allow customers to perform scheduling, tracking, & cancellation of their shipment on the messaging apps they prefer.

Autoroute Queries

Complex queries unhandled by the bot intelligently get routed to the appropriate agent, based on its context.’s all in one AI suite orchestrates smart automation of logistics operations

"Engagely Automation Cloud"
"Unified Communication Cloud"
"customer analytics cloud"

Engagely Automation Cloud

The AI automation cloud is transforming the logistics industry with AI based real-time solutions. Right from offering live vehicular updates to providing optimized routing data, the extensive suite of voice, email and chat automation offers an exciting opportunity to upgrade the manual logistics operations with new age smart AI solutions.

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"Engagely Automation Cloud"

Unified Communication Cloud

Create a unified communication channel that gives your agent a single window console and lets you support customers across multi-messaging and devices with flawless consistency and efficiency in real time. With transformative features like real-time language translation with UTF, quick allocation and prioritization, predictive maintenance and more, drive superior CX like never before.

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"Unified Communication Cloud"

Customer Analytics Cloud

The built-in AI analytics system gathers customer data from all the channels and touchpoints across the logistics journey, and further deeply analyzes it to reduce unstructured data and turn it into meaningful and actionable insights.

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"customer analytics cloud"

What sets apart from the rest?

"Ready-To-Use Logistic AI Models"

Ready-To-Use Logistic AI Models

"no code platform"

Faster Deployment With No Code

"NLP Engine"

Advanced Proprietary NLP Engine

"AI Based Data Security"

Multi-Layered AI Based Data Security


Omnichannel & Multilingual Support

AI automation ensures high data security across the logistics journey

Network Segmentation To Isolate Different Logistics Entities

Real-Time User Activity Tracking

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Based Data Encryption

Encryption Algorithms Available During Transit

24/7 Risk Monitoring

Offering AI based smart customer engagement across 35+ channels in text, voice and email

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