Your Partner Through The Digital Age

Your Partner Through The Digital Age

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Welcome To The Next-Gen Customer Support Automation

Customer support automation promises higher efficiency, accuracy and productivity across channels and languages- all this round the clock and in real time.

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Provide real time, 24*7/365, omnichannel support with reduced cost

A well-functioning customer support system is crucial for the long-term success of any business. In the world of seamless scrolling, you literally have just a few minutes to leave your mark. The success of any business depends on how you utilize these precious minutes. Customer support automation ensures highly efficient engagements and superlative conversational experiences. Engagely's next-gen AI automation helps you deliver 24*7/365 support across 35+ modern enterprise grade channels and 120+ global languages, right from the product discovery to after sales support.

Eliminate silos in the traditional customer support system with AI-powered engagements


Improved first contact resolution (FCR) rate


Drop in average handling time (AHT)


Automation of routine queries


Reduction in call volumes

Modernizing the journey from query to resolution with customer support automation

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Driving customer support automation with next gen AI suite seamlessly improves agent experience

"contact point"

Contact Point

The dynamic contact point unifies website, mobile apps, email, and social media channels into a singular platform while retaining cross channel context.

"query resolution"

Query Resolution

Resolutions offered by automated customer support are quick and prompt. It saves customer support representatives time and improve your ability to delight more customers.

"intelligent query routing"

Intelligent Query Routing

In case of complex queries, the AI system intelligently routes the query to the most suitable agent ensuring seamless transition.

"smart live agent assistance"

Smart Live Agent Assistance

Live Agent Assist offers real-time assistance to agents by delivering right information instantly. It further simplifies operations with seamless peer to peer connection.

"ai based analytics"

AI-Based Analytics

The AI driven analysis of business data provides the agent with insights that guide him/her in making informed decisions.

Embrace customer support automation for the next gen customer experience

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"unified communication cloud'
"engagely analytics cloud"

AI Automation Cloud

Engagely voice-first AI automation suite houses AI bots that help businesses connect, communicate, and engage better with their customers in real time. The AI powered voice bot, chatbot, and email bot take customer engagement to another level. The omnichannel customer support enhances end-to-end customer journeys with intelligence, intuition, and sentiment driven approach at scale.

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"ai automation cloud"

Unified Communication Cloud

This is an all-in-one modern solution for unmatched AI customer support. The unified communication cloud connects all the channels into a single window console providing consistent customer support with efficiency and precision. It simplifies dynamic customer support by enabling complete control from a singular window in real-time.

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"unified communication cloud'

Engagely Analytics Cloud

This helps in converting data into insightful information in real time. The custom dashboards and modern reporting with detailed metrics provide actionable data to continually improve your customer support performance. AI based analysis transforms vast structured and unstructured data into useful information and actionable insights.

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"engagely analytics cloud"

Automating customer support for enterprises across industries

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Telecom
  • Hospitality
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