Your Partner Through The Digital Age

Your Partner Through The Digital Age

World’s Leading No Code Total CX Platform

Transform your customer experience with total CX automation by leveraging the power of AI and human intelligence

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As a business grows, delivering a personalized customer experience at scale becomes more challenging. That’s where CX automation becomes an increasingly important part of a customer experience strategy. Automating CX workflows can help save resources, build a loyal customer base, reduce churn, and create employee efficiency throughout an enterprise- right from the first touch to the completion of a purchase to ongoing customer support.

CX automation with Engagely is the key to scalable growth


Identify & Design

Build customized AI powered bots as per your customer support and experience needs. Identify the use cases, requirements, processes, channels, languages and more to design the customer journeys accordingly with Engagely’s easy to use drag and drop interface.



Train your bot instantaneously with the proprietary NLP engine. Intent and entities are the building blocks of the platform. Basis on intents and entities, our engine determines the response to be given out to the users. The record of the handled and unhandled queries in the training module help train the unhandled queries. Also if in case the bot is unable to handle a query it gets redirected to the live chat if needed.



Automate end to end customer journeys at scale to prioritize customer issues and trigger the appropriate journey for providing consistent, most relevant and on demand support. From repetitive tasks to most frequently asked queries to complex operations the CXA takes care of it all.



Engagely integration module helps you connect your bot with any of the back end systems- be it CRM, BRM, core banking system or any other industry leading system with the help of APIs, DB connections or out of the box integration with your customers’ favorite apps. This allows your bot to act quickly based on the request from the customer.



From on-cloud to on-prem to hybrid one, Engagely offers deployment on preference. Our supported cloud platform includes Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services. Also the banking grade security platform complies with GDPR, HIPAA, ISO and VAPT.


Support & Recommend

Anticipate customer needs to drive informed, personalized and real time support. Engagely AI bot resolve customer queries, on-demand, round the clock, in any language, across voice and text while coming up with AI recommendations based on the customer behaviors and conversation history.



Target users based on their intents or queries. Define what users should see based on a particular intent. This is a very powerful mechanism to engage with users personally to up-sell and cross-sell the products based on their queries. Also with the help of multimedia modules like image carousels, videos, files and more, drive informed, engaged, personalized, contextual, and real time engagement.



Custom dashboards help analyze data that includes number of leads collected, positive customer feedback, NPS scores, handled/unhandled queries, agent performance on the platform in real time to help improve customer experience and increase goal completion rate.

The tech stack

Transform their customer support and experience with our rich plethora of solutions

Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA)

Engagely Automation Cloud is a comprehensive suite of AI-powered bots that automates support and CX workflows to drive personalized, results-oriented conversations across voice, chat/text and email.

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Contact Center Automation With Intelligence

This is a set of software, tools, and services that allows multi-channel customer interactions for enterprise across all modern communication channels, including- voice calls, video, social media, email, SMS, chat, and more.

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Unified Window Console

A unified communication channel that gives your agent a single window console and lets you support customers across multi-messaging and devices with flawless consistency and efficiency.

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Contact Center Analytics

One place to view customer’s, teams and businesses overall performance with data obtained and behavioral insights by monitoring every single interaction between your customers and agent in real-time.

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Automation with convenience makes us stand out from the rest

No Code Platform

The transformative no code platform builds AI bots without coding and enables faster go live.

Pre-trained NLP

The advanced NLP identifies intent accurately and delivers human-like responses.

Knowledge Base

The vast and ever-expanding knowledge base houses a repository of key phrases and query intentions.

Out Of Box Integration

Lets the user integrate the AI solution effortlessly with their existing/internal ecosystem, CRM systems and third party applications.

Rich Analytics

Translates the structured and unstructured customer data into actionable insights for better AI driven decisions based on the conversation history.


Engagely platform supports 120+ global languages across various dialects and accents.


This features lets you retain the context of the conversations across 35+ modern enterprise channels

Banking Grade Security

The end-to-end CX workflow is streamlined in accordance with banking grade security regulations.

Smooth Live Agent Handoffs

The IVA takes care of complex queries by seamlessly transferring it to a live agent with skill based routing

Our success in transforming banking operations

Banking Insurance

Conversational AI To enhance Agent Training & Productivity

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Reduce training time by 30% using Internal Knowledge Bots For Customer Care Agents

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