Your Partner Through The Digital Age

Your Partner Through The Digital Age

"Healthcare Bot and Patient Conversation"

Improve Quality And Efficiency Of Care With AI In Healthcare

Empower your medical staff by automating most operational and administrative areas while delivering outstanding CX with a patient centric approach.

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'healthcare bot"

AI automation handles Healthcare with care

The role of AI in healthcare has always been crucial as it leads to better care outcomes and improves the productivity and efficiency of care delivery. Applications of AI in the healthcare industry can help you cater to individuals’ primary needs while automating routine jobs that healthcare professionals perform with the untiring, reliable, and most importantly, 24/7 available IVAs across channels and languages your customers prefer. Allow your support team to solve more complex issues that need more time and attention & conserve more time to save more lives!

Why do the top healthcare companies choose


Reduction in average patient Wait Time


Improved productivity of healthcare front-liners


Automation of primary healthcare processes & routine queries


Reduction in operational cost

Engagely’s ALPHA - AI-Powered Live Personal Health Assistant - A front door navigation tool

The healthcare industry is an aggregation and integration of patient (consumer), providers (hospitals, wellness center), payers (Insurance, support groups) and government as regulator. Diversity of tasks involved in the delivery of patient care and the multiplicity of care pathways & organizations involved makes the overall healthcare system complex.’s ALPHA is a powerful tool that helps you deal with all these challenges by meeting all your patients’ communication needs and improving healthcare frontliners’ efficiency.

"Engagely Alpha"

Key elements of the solution:

Omni-Channel Patient Front Door

Mobile, laptop/desktop enabled web and app interfaces provide simple and easy access to the user at scale.

Empathetic & Intuitive Experience

Engagely’s proprietary NLP engine is custom built and trained on the healthcare domain. It powers a conversational interface for easy discovery of pathways to care.

Information & Digitization

A repository of FAQs relating to the care paradigm for different health issues makes access to health easier and intuitive. The conversational interface is not only menu driven but patient request driven.

Remote Triaging

Identification of patient pain areas is done using process flow builder. This helps in seamlessly handling complicated relationships of different disease states

EHR Integration

This feature helps with instant availability of patient history to provide contextual experience and drive patient curated support & experience.

Explore Benefits

Benefits covered under the existing policy depending on current disease state help patients gain insights and make the right decision accordingly.

Embrace artificial intelligence in healthcare to automate end to end healthcare journeys

"Patient Journey"

The use cases transforming digital healthcare and making industries increasingly adopt AI automation

"healthcare operation automation"

Appointment Booking

Collect patient’s required information over a conversation and schedule an appointment based on the doctor’s availability and patient’s convenience.

Notifications & Reminders

Help patients track their appointment and medication schedule through AI powered personalised reminders.

Illness Symptoms Checker

Enable patients to self-diagnose with a medical questionnaire and provide recommendations for the appropriate course of action.

Medical News And Updates

Reach out to individuals and provide them with useful and accurate information in the medicine field with smart automation.

Shop For Medications

Allow the customer to upload a medical prescription and place an order for the medicine using the most suitable payment options with the smart IVA.

Automated-Instant Responses To FAQs

AI-powered automated instant and accurate responses to customer queries ensures zero waiting time and improved CSAT level .

The cores that help you handle healthcare with care

"engagely automation cloud"
"unified communication cloud"
"customer analytics cloud"

Engagely Automation Cloud

Boost healthcare workers’ efficiency, productivity, and operational growth of your organization while creating a positive experience for patients, providers and front liners’ with human-like engagements across voice, email and chat. AI powered patient engagement drives round the clock, real time assistance with no scope of errors

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"engagely automation cloud"

Unified Communication Cloud

The single window console for all your patient information, queries and their resolutions to support customers across multi-messaging apps and devices in real time. This improves access to healthcare services across all channels of user interaction for your customers. Also the solution helps you scale up the healthcare front liners operational efficiency by supporting them with Agent Assist and live chat software.

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"unified communication cloud"

Customer Analytics Cloud

The value of time, sentiments, and accuracy is one of the biggest imperatives associated with healthcare.’s deeper insights help you un-reveal the insights in your customer data and act upon them with AI driven decisions. The customer 360 degree view, data analytics, and behavioral analytics helps in driving empathetic experience.

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"customer analytics cloud"

Make instant, intuitive and sentiment driven experience a reality

"ready to use AI models for healthcare"

Ready To Use AI Models For Healthcare

"No-Code Platform"

Faster Deployment With A Total No-Code Platform

"Omni-Channel Presence"

Omni-Channel Presence Across 35+ Channels

"NLP engine"

Best In Class Proprietary NLP Engine

"Seamless integrations with existing CRM & APIs"

Seamless Integrations With Existing CRM & APIs

Enhancing Customer support and engagement in 35+ channels across text and voice

Our success in transforming healthcare operations


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Deliver extraordinary support and experience in care delivery