Your Partner Through The Digital Age

Your Partner Through The Digital Age

"proactive customer engagement"

Deliver White-Glove CX With The Leading Customer Engagement Platform

Exceeding customer expectations and building long term relationships with them begins with proactive engagement.

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Ensure seamless, delightful experience with every user interaction

The proactive customer engagement first approach helps your customers experience the modern way of communicating and thereby improves your overall customer service experience. With sophisticated AI driven data processes and unmatched analytics, Engagely AI helps businesses gather actionable customer insights and accurately predict the customer behavior. It seamlessly anticipates customer needs and preferences to set up the solutions accordingly.

Astonishing impact of proactive engagement on business ROI key metrics


Improved conversion rate


Increased customer lifetime value


Contact abandonment rate


Improved NPS

The ever-evolving journey of proactive customer engagement

"Customer Engagement Journey"

With proactive customer engagement, you ensure your customers are intimately connected at the key touchpoints

"customer identification"

Customer Identification

In order to build a systematic customer profile, the personal, behavioral and demographic information of the customers are collected. This database is further supported by organizational information, customer behavioral insights and third-party data from different websites and apps. The confluence of all these data makes up for an insightful customer persona that refines your nudge for effective conversion.

"customer journey monitoring"

Customer Journey Monitoring

After collecting the customer data, the entire customer journey is driven based on the customer insights and category identified:

  • Meaningful Engagement: Interact with your customers and guide them with conversational engagement.
  • Proactive Acquisition: Seamlessly anticipate customer inquiries. Convert every casual enquiry into a meaningful lead.
  • Effective Retention: Deliver hyper personalized experiences to convert initial leads to long term loyalty.
"proactive journey orchestration"

Proactive Journey Orchestration

The customer journey is devised on the basis of customer visits, purchase history and patterns. The key aspects of a proactive customer journey are:

  • Anticipation Of Customer Preferences: Based on customer journey data, the customer preferences are predicted and personalized solutions are offered.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Richly personalized recommendations elevate the intuitive experience of the customer.
"gather customer data"

Gather Customer Data & Historical Information

The extensive customer data is gleaned from the end-to-end journey and an organized repository of customer history is maintained using:

  • Catalogs– Torrent of customer information that is well aligned with the customer data management system and functions.
  • Unified Integrations Of Data- Multiple data sources are unified into a single source of information to deliver cross channel communication for a connected CX.
  • Historical Journey: Contains records of previous support communication and purchase transactions.
"analysis of customer data"

Predictive Analysis Of Customer Data

It is performed on the extensive customer data from various sources derived with:

  • Advanced Analytics- Insights based on the gathered data helps understand customer behavior and needs to seamlessly meet customers’ needs.
  • Identify Customer Sentiments– The analysis is performed on the customer insights to drive sentiment driven engagement and experience.
  • Tailor Made Recommendations– Engagely customer engagement platform is equipped with a robust NLP engine that reads the conversation between the customer and the agent and recommends highly personalized ready to send responses to customers.
"send customer insights to the agent"

Send Customer Insights To The Agent

Based on the predictive analysis of the customer data collected, the customer insights are sent to the agent with real-time precision to influence proactive customer solutions. This helps the agent trigger the rights nudges to the customer and take care of the customer query with high accuracy and efficiency.

Optimize end-to-end CX workflows with the out of box AI-first solutions and a transformative customer engagement platform

"Engagely Automation Cloud"
"unified communication cloud"
"engagely analytics cloud"

Engagely Automation Cloud

The extensive suite of voice bot, chatbot, and email bot offers personalized proactive engagement on a real-time basis with great precision. The intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) anticipate customer issues and proactively engage them with faster, accurate and sentiment-driven solutions while nudging them with personalized recommendations.

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"Engagely Automation Cloud"

Unified Communication Cloud

Unify all the communication channels into a single customer engagement platform and nudge your customers with proactive solutions with ease and accuracy. The single window console empowers agents with a dynamic view of the customers across multi-messaging apps and devices in real time.

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"unified communication cloud"

Engagely Analytics Cloud

The AI powered analysis provides actionable insights and converts cluttered data into organized and useful information. The information further gives great foresights into the customer behavior, trends, and patterns. Adapt to the new ways of engagement by nudging the customers with products they anticipate to buy.

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"engagely analytics cloud"

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