Your Partner Through The Digital Age

Your Partner Through The Digital Age

"cloud contact center"

Cloud Contact Center Software With The Next Gen AI Driven Automation

Don’t let your contact center just be viewed as a reactive solution to customer issues, but turn it to a proactive and strategic customer experience center.

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Better CX, improved agent productivity and greater ROI- All within one platform

Engagely Cloud Contact Center software automates and simplifies your call center operations with unified customer and agent experience across modern enterprise channels. The voice bot with its smart IVR system optimization, automated routing, simple click-to-call button, and other advanced features, further enhances the overall CX workflow. From end-to-end automation to easy integration to extensible deployment models, it has everything you need to reimagine your traditional cost center.

Cuts deployment time down from weeks to days,
Instantly deployable with out of the box integrations,
Highly customizable at every layer of the stack, &
At a fraction of the cost of deploying a conventional call center.

Noteworthy impact of automating a contact center

A truly win-win situation for customers, employees, and the organization as a whole.


Improved first contact resolution (FCR)


Lowered average handling time (AHT)


Increase in agent productivity


Improved CSAT score

Deliver out of box experiences to your customers and agents

"omni-channel presence"
"reporting and monitoring"
"automatic call distribution"
"browser based contact center"
"no code"
"banking grade security"
"cost effectiveness"
"web real time communication"
"inbound outbound call"
'proactive customer engagement"

Omnichannel Presence

The modern contact center software helps you be available on customer preferred touch points with the single console and help them reach you without losing context from previous interactions.

"omni-channel presence"

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) And Self-Service

The Cloud Contact Center solution helps you make every self-service interaction personalized with the smart IVR. This IVR interacts with your callers and routes the call to the agent with the most relevant skills for handling their concerns.


Reporting And Monitoring

Engagely’s smart ever call center solution includes customer dashboards, real time reports and actionable insights that help you analyze overall performance and make business-driven decisions.

"reporting and monitoring"

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

This feature augmented with skilled based routing lets the queries get routed to the right agent. The automatic call distribution is done with the help of information gathered from the caller based on customer intent and agent’s bandwidth.

"automatic call distribution"

100% Browser-Based AI Contact Center

Eliminate the limitations of legacy infrastructure by replacing it with a complete browser friendly API-driven modern virtual call center.

"browser based contact center"

Faster Go-Live With 100% No-code

This feature lets you speed up software development for the fast-changing business demands without writing a single line code and go live with your fully automated contact center in less than a week.

"no code"

Banking-Grade Security

No place for any security flaws that could compromise your business operation. Banking grade security and data privacy keeps business processes in accordance with the highest security regulations.

"banking grade security"


Say goodbye to unexpected costs associated with new hardware set-up, maintenance, support overheads, and infrastructure cost.

"cost effectiveness"

Web Real-Time Communication (RTC)

Set up softphones at agents’ workstations so that they can connect and engage with customers either from on premise or remotely with a simple “Click-to-Call” button.

"web real time communication"

Inbound And Outbound Calling

With AI contact center cloud, increase first contact resolution (FCR) and connect rate with the modern computer telephony capabilities & features for all your inbound and outbound calls.

"inbound outbound call"

Proactive Customer Engagement

Anticipate customer needs proactively with customer behavioral analytics. This helps you create tailored responses and meet customer needs and preferences in real time.

'proactive customer engagement"’s product gateways redefining support & experience for AI contact centers

  • Engagely Automation Cloud
  • Engagely Analytics Cloud
  • Live Chat Software
  • Supervisory Control
"engagely automation cloud"

Power your customer support with AI that understands, interacts and talks contextually across channels, devices, and languages. Leverage Engagely’s voice Bot, chatbot, and email bot to offer your customers timely, accurate & intuitive responses. Improve customer support, get better leads, increase revenue, improve agent productivity, and enhance customer engagement across voice, website, emails, mobile apps, and social media channels.

"engagely customer analytics

AI-powered voice insights lets you measure team performance, call audits and improve customer experience with a single window console. The analytics with intelligence allows you to collect and analyze customer data to uncover valuable insights about business performance in real time. It includes customer satisfaction (CSAT), revenue, customer retention, customer effort score, service-level agreement (SLA) performance, and much more.

"live chat software"

Break down all your business communication silos. Go beyond traditional call center support system set-up by leveraging the most efficient Live Chat Software. Simplify customer and agent interactions with the unified inbox across Voice, Email, Chat, and more for better CX.

"supervisor control"

The solution allows supervisors to perform real-time monitoring of agents’ performance and help in decision making for better business-driven results. The agents can transfer the calls to the supervisors to meet the need of the specific customer query. Also, this feature allows the supervisor to be informed about the live conversation between the customer and the agent & barge into the call if needed.

Real time agent assist for unbeatable agent performance

Upgrade to Engagely's Real-Time Agent Assist and give an AI edge to your support heroes (Agents).

Real-Time Recommendation

NLP engine reads the conversation between the customer and the agent and recommends highly personalized ready to send responses to customers.

Chatbot For The Agent

Provides smart suggestions to human agents as per the customer query and the conversational flow from a central knowledge bank.

Access To Behavioral Analytics

The feature lets the agent assist see the customer’s journey, their preferences and interests even before he/she connects with the human agent.

Peer-To-Peer Interactions

A friend in need! Allow your agents to create internal groups in real-time to seek help from their peers or supervisors while dealing with complex queries.

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