Your Partner Through The Digital Age

Your Partner Through The Digital Age

"Knowledge Management"

Centralizing Knowledge Management With AI Technology

Leveraging AI in knowledge management to optimize data sharing across organizations with the seamless and precise knowledge platform.

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AI offers a welcome way to automate tasks involved in knowledge management

The advancements in AI technologies are helping global enterprises optimally leverage knowledge for effective business operations. Right from inter-organizational knowledge exchange to assisting customer agents with real-time precise information, knowledge management in AI is proving to be an indispensable tool for smooth knowledge sharing and efficient customer support. Thus, Knowledge Management AI is the right step towards a sophisticatedly structured business operations.

Impact of AI based knowledge management on business operations


Improved query resolution


Improved average handling time (AHT)


Accuracy in automatized knowledge flow


Drop in call transfer

Engagely AI simplifies knowledge management ecosystem

"knowledge management journey"

Centralization of knowledge management: key impact across business operations

"knowledge collection"

Knowledge Collection

The knowledge across all the organizational and customer data pointers is collected to establish a singular source of information.

"knowledge classification"

Knowledge Classification

A well-defined knowledge outline is built by classifying knowledge on the basis of process, rules, policies, and organizational structure.

"knowledge centralization"

Knowledge Centralization

The centralization of knowledge ensures seamless data storage, access and retrieval. It not only improves data transparency but also enhances operational efficiency.

"knowledge structuring'

Knowledge Structuring

Ensures smooth access to structured data according to categories, processes and access rules to all the relevant stakeholders with real-time precision.

"knowledge sharing"

Knowledge Sharing

The customer knowledge and historical data is extracted and optimally analyzed. With smart interlinking, personalized knowledge can be seamlessly shared. The key aspects of knowledge sharing involves:

  • Decluttering knowledge for efficient customer support
  • Leveraging customer knowledge for personalization

A robust, delightful and end-to-end CX optimization with AI automation

"ai automation cloud"
"unified communication cloud"
"engagely analytics cloud"

AI Automation Suite For Cognition-Based Knowledge Management

The comprehensive suite of voice-first AI automation products- chatbot, voice bot, and email bot, unlocks the potential of knowledge processing. 24/7 engagement across multiple channels enables these products to glean crucial data that is further organized systematically. Also, AI Automation employs a sophisticated layer of intelligence to knowledge management that optimizes knowledge storing and sharing with higher precision and efficiency.

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"ai automation cloud"

Unified Communication Cloud

This converges various communication channels into a unified window console.  The data from various sources are unified at a singular source in real-time. This simplifies knowledge gathering and processing with live accuracy to deliver connected experiences.

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"unified communication cloud"

Engagely Analytics Cloud

This simplifies knowledge management with deep analysis. The data collected from various sources can be of huge help if used effectively. By analyzing the huge pool of structured and unstructured data, you can turn it into actionable insights. AI Data analysis breathes intelligence in the knowledge management system by enabling intuitive prediction of knowledge sharing, gathering and classifying.

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"engagely analytics cloud"

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