Your Partner Through The Digital Age

Your Partner Through The Digital Age

"drag and drop bot builder"

Create Engaging Chatbots With A Simple No Code Bot Builder Platform

Design any bots using a seamless, drag-and-drop bot builder with full control over the building process without writing a single line code.

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Automation exponentially improves CX yet it’s not an easy task due to its complex implications and technical dependencies. However, Engagely no code studio is a platform that allows you to build fully-functional bots from scratch with simple drag and drop features, determine the trigger points, actions and conditions and create personalized journeys for customers too without typing a single line of code.

Engagely promises automation with utmost convenience


Engagely contains easy to use chatbot ui design which is driven by ideas and does not need any prior experience of creating bot or technical knowledge. It lets you seamlessly apply filters to match customer journeys within the context of the conversation to drive natural conversations. No matter how complex the user journey is, this most intuitive no code chatbot builder platform lets you build bots across channels and languages and go live in a few days.



The process tree lets you structure information in a very simple yet effective drag and drop way, while FAQs take care of the routine queries. The core foundation of Engagely is based on intent and entity which get mapped with defined use-cases provided by the business users. Also the training module intelligently clubs all the similar queries so that it can be analyzed. The unanswered queries are forcefully assigned to required intent, entity and journey for the expected response.



Using the customer engagement feature, configure personalized messages based on the customer behavior on the website such as page visited, time spent on website, no of times page visited etc. With the conversational engagement module, define what users should see based on particular intent. This is a very powerful mechanism to engage with users personally to up-sell and cross-sell the products based on their queries. Also the web bot appearance section allows users to customize various aspects of the appearance of the bot. While language setting allows you to choose from 120+ languages which you would like your bot to speak as per customers’ preference.



DB integration Engagely allows you to store customer, inventory, or any company information that can further be integrated with other systems, files, or applications and used by employees or decision makers for different purposes, such as reporting or data analytics. Wherein API integration module allows you to integrate any system with Engagely. Also the channel integration module lets you seamlessly integrate the interfaces or apps with the third party apps as per your need.


Deployment & Distribution

On-cloud/Prem/Hybrid- Engagely provides the ready script to handover the client just by copying and forward the code snippet from the page. Clients can embed this code on their website and a bot goes live based on their preference be it on-cloud, premises or the hybrid one.


Manage CSAT after deployment

It is important to know what your customers think about you. Thus with updates, triggers, alerts, and access based controls, Engagely CSAT section is designed to give the overall record of collected customer rating, CSAT response from the customer and deliver improved customer experience.

"manage csat"

  • Average Customer Satisfaction gives the average of all the ratings received from 1-star to 5-star.
  • Total CSAT Responses gives the overall count of all ratings. The CSAT response counts when the user gives some rating.
  • Total Satisfactory Interactions gives the count of all positive feedback with thumbs up. This count shows that the customers are happy with the bot’s performance.
  • Total Unsatisfactory Interactions gives the count of all negative feedback with thumbs down. This count shows that the customers are not satisfied by the bot’s performance.

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