Your Partner Through The Digital Age

Your Partner Through The Digital Age

"engagely automation cloud"

An Omnichannel CX Automation Solution Augmented with Generative AI

Extremely natural and seamless customer interactions, bringing IVAs (Intelligent Virtual Assistant) closer to the human-like experiences customers expect.

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CX automation: The next big thing in the modern customer experience landscape

When it comes to building a successful business, one of the key differentiators is customer experience (CX). For an enterprise to be truly customer-centric, it needs a thorough understanding of the customer journey and the application of its deep insights to drive improved customer experience. This is where CX automation can be exceptionally useful. Engagely’s voice-first automation powered with generative AI has the potential to eliminate mundane, time-consuming, and resource-intensive processes, saving your customer support representatives time to do the work worth doing- such as building relationships with customers.

CX automation overcomes customer support challenges with remarkable performance


Automation of CX workflow


Improved agent productivity


Improved CSAT


Reduction in cost

Key signposts that complete a modern customer journey


Offer 24*7/365 customer support across 35+ modern enterprise channels and 120+ global languages.


Drive intuitive conversational engagement through personalized recommendations and customized offerings.


Anticipate your customer needs and preferences to deliver proactive support in real time.


Boost customer satisfaction score (CSAT) with instant query resolution and consistent experiences across channels.


Improve customer retention and grow your average CLV by delivering high quality customer experience.



Unlock growth by increasing upsell and cross-sell with improved customer experience.

Modern solution for modern business communication challenges

Engagely's Voice Bot, Chatbot, and Email Bot improve customer and employee satisfaction with seamless intelligence and self-serve first approach.

  • Voice AI
  • AI Chatbot
  • Email bot
"voice ai"

Give your contact center an AI edge it needs to upscale your voice-based support with an intelligent voice bot. Engagely voice bot handles millions of conversations simultaneously across 100+ languages, variety of speaking styles and dialects- all this in real time and round the clock.

Automated Inbound-Outbound Calling

The AI powered voice bot eliminates the need for manual dialing by customer support reps. It handles large volumes of incoming calls while seamlessly reaching a large target audience of qualified leads quickly.

Interactive Conversation

Right from simple greeting to dealing with a frustrated customer, Engagely voice bot handles all kinds of customer queries with great tactfulness and composure.

Live Product Enquiries

The smart and intelligent voice bot guides the customers with product queries and offers precisely personalized recommendations to ensure hassle free customer experience.

Reminders & Notifications

Notify your customers about new offers, important dates, reminders, their order status, and updates with real-time notifications in a conversational manner.

"ai chatbot"

Engagely AI chatbot automates routine processes and tasks to help you increase agent productivity and improve customer experience while reducing operational cost. It provides 24*7/365, humanlike, personalized, and consistent support across websites, mobile apps, and social media channels in more than 120 global & regional languages.


Connect with your customers across 35+ modern enterprise channels. Be it Instagram DM or Facebook messenger, don't miss out on a single customer message.


Expand your reach in 120 + languages and take your local business to a global level.

Real-Time Notifications

Stay in tune with your customers by sending real-time updates and reminders.

Service & Product Related Assistance

The conversational chatbot seamlessly delivers intent-based assistance to all services and products related queries.

"email bot"

Right from greeting your customers to dealing with their complaints, Engagely email bot streamlines your end to end email business communication. The AI powered email bot can read millions of customer emails simultaneously and respond to it with personalized responses in real time.

Email Reading & Categorization

Email Automation ensures each and every customer mail is read and accurately categorized.

Personalized Emails

The customer gets highly personalized responses to their queries and product recommendations ensuring intimate engagement.

Instantaneous Email Response

The seamless access to a comprehensive database allows the email bot to perform real-time processing and deliver real-time response.

Smooth Transitioning

In case of complex queries, the AI email bot drafts an email and sends it to a human agent for review. The agent proofreads it and makes corrections if needed.

Transform your customer support from scratch with these transformative features

"no code bot builder"

No-Code Bot Builder

The pathbreaking no-code platform transforms your idea into a fully-functioning conversational bot within a week.

"propietary nlp"

Proprietary NLP

Generative AI powered advanced NLP model does all the high-function processing to enable the AI bots to understand the query and respond back intelligently in real-time.

"knowledge base"

Knowledge Base

The vast and ever-expanding knowledge base houses a repository of key phrases and query intentions. It serves as the brain of AI bots.


Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your internal ecosystem, CRM systems and other applications without having to fiddle with your existing architecture.

"aI data analytics"

Generative AI Enabled Data Analysis

Translate the structured and unstructured customer data into actionable insights about customer behavior, reducing its complexity while preserving critical information.

AI automation orchestrates holistic impact on businesses across industries

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Telecom
  • Hospitality

Automation Of Complex Banking Operations

From account opening to making transactions to applying for credit cards, automate operations with ease by leveraging voice AI and banking chatbot.

Smart Payment Processing

AI automation allows customers to make hassle-free payments with a few clicks- all this with multi-layered data protection and banking grade security.

Reviews And Feedback

Banks can easily customize their own bots for collecting customer feedbacks and reviews while simplifying the process for customers as well. These feedbacks can be genuinely used to improve customer experience and CSAT scores.

Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition

AI Automation helps you identify each customer type, their needs, preferences and sentiments behind the conversations. This, in turn, helps you recommend the right fit products and create a service opportunity.

Policy Purchase

Streamline policy purchases by replacing tedious, paper-based processes with end-to-end CX automation for KYC update, verification, authentication, digital payments, and much more.

Personalized Quotes

Make customer journeys seamless by providing them knowledge about the insurance plans, quotes or pricing while identifying opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell across different channels.

Informed Advice

Help your customers learn about your offerings with proactive recommendations. Engagely’s proprietary NLP engine helps in identifying the accurate intents even from complex customer queries while anticipating their needs and preferences.

FAQ Automation

AI automation surpasses human expertise by handling 95% complex insurance queries with great care and accuracy.

Appointment Booking

Collect patient’s required information over a conversation and schedule an appointment based on the doctor’s availability and patient’s convenience.

Illness Symptoms Checker

Enable patients to self-diagnose with a medical questionnaire and provide recommendations for the appropriate course of action.

Medical News And Updates

Reach out to individuals and provide them with useful and accurate information in the medicine field with smart automation.

Shop For Medications

Allow the customer to upload a medical prescription and place an order for the medicine using the most suitable payment options with the smart IVA.

End-to-End Automatization Of Subscription Process

Automatize subscription process with ML-based document verification and connection activation.

Customized Cross-sell & Upsell

The advanced ML algorithm based analysis of the customer patterns boosts the cross-sell and upsell revenue.

Real-Time Data Analysis

AI automation performs real-time analysis of customer profiles, network, location, traffic, and usage.

Sending Notifications And Reminders

Send timely notifications and reminders to your customers regarding their bill payments, purchase history, promotional offers and more.

Simplified Booking Operation

AI automation delivers personalized booking experience at a scale which was previously impossible.

Automatized Ticketing Process

Automatize the entire travel ticketing operations with seamless intelligence and precision.

Streamline Travel Arrangements

AI automation enables intuitive search, and seamless comparison with as little clicks as possible.

Be A Personal Travel Assistant

Offer personalized geolocation based hotel recommendations throughout their journey with Engagely voice AI and chatbots.

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