Your Partner Through The Digital Age

Your Partner Through The Digital Age

"unified communication cloud"

An AI-powered Unified Communication Cloud For Seamless CX

Support your customers across modern enterprise channels and devices with flawless consistency & efficiency.

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The centralized communication hub that brings it all together

Today, the number of communication channels used by customers is proliferating. However, lack of interconnectivity or data sharing in the existing channels can make organizations feel pressured to keep in step with their customers. As convenience is key for customer satisfaction, creating consistent experiences for customers at any and every point of interaction is vital. This is where the Engagely unified communication cloud comes in the picture. With omnichannel capability and powerful amalgamation of human expertise with AI, Engagely seamlessly helps you exceed your customer expectations.

Here’s what’s possible when you break down communication channels silos




Improved agent productivity


Improved query resolution


in cost

AI based offerings that cater to all your customers’ needs while considering your agents’ & enterprise’s special needs

While trying to reach you, customers may have to deal with inconsistencies. Due to partial support interaction histories they have to start conversations afresh in each channel and repeat queries every time. Engagely Unified Window Console overcomes the challenge with:

Multi-system integration- The console provides a unified view of your CRM and contact center platforms on a single screen. Thus agents don’t have to toggle between multiple windows or screens.

Omnichannel interaction- This lets your agents seamlessly interact with customers across channels including voice calls, chat, and email.

One view for analytics- The single platform view for all customer insights, agent performance, and team insights help you take right decisions and thereby drive better business outcomes.

Customers hate waiting for longer than a minute and expect real time assistance. They prefer voice calls, live chat, and/ or email support for this very reason.

Single window console – For all your customer queries and their resolutions across website chat, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and other mobile apps.

Real-time language translation with UTF- Your agent doesn’t have to be fluent in the language your customer speaks. Universal Translation Feature translates texts into the customers’ preferred language in real time.

Self-service first approach – Automate FAQs and guided flows to assist customers to get query resolution in real time. Address both simple and complex user queries by ensuring seamless hands-off to the live agent if and when required

Provide your agents with real time assistance so they don’t have to toggle between windows for the resolution and putting your customers on hold for complex queries.

Real-time recommendation- It recommends highly personalized ready to send responses to customers with continuous on screen support.

Chatbot for the agent- Provides smart suggestions to human agents from the central knowledge bank.

Access to behavioral analytics- The agent assist can see the customer’s journey even before the customer gets connected with the human agent.

The solution allows supervisors to track agents’ performance and help in decision making for better business performance and outcomes by enabling:

Quick allocation and prioritization- The queries are prioritized and allocated to the agent most qualified to meet the need of the specific customer query.

Predictive maintenance at its best- Based on customer chat history, the feature helps in anticipating trends and making right business decisions.

Alerts and notifications to the supervisor- Alerts and notifications are configured to be sent to the supervisor whenever chat requests are pending for a certain time.

Custom dash-boarding for supervisors- The real time insightful analytics help supervisors to make better and data-driven business decisions to optimize agents’ productivity without overwhelming them.

Track all key performance metrics in one place. By gathering every piece of customer information in one centralized console, you get a comprehensive overview of each action they performed along with their interests and preferences.

360 degree customer view- This includes the customer’s basic contact details, their purchase history, behavior, preferences and interests-all in one place.

Deep dive into customer insights- Intelligent analytics and actionable insights help you understand your customers’ exact needs and optimize customer support experience.

The contributors that help keeping flawless consistency and efficiency across channels

"real-time language translation"

Real-time Language Translation With UTF

The universal translation feature translates texts into the customers' preferred language in real time while storing transcriptions (voice to text) of the conversations.

"robust aI-driven recommendation"

Robust AI-Driven Recommendation

Our proprietary NLP engine reads the conversation between the customer and the agent and recommends highly personalized ready to send responses to customers.

"peer connect for complex queries"

Peer Connect For Complex Queries

A peer in need is a friend indeed! Agents can create an internal group in real-time to seek help from their most qualified peers or supervisors for skill-specific complex queries.

"proactive customer engagement "

Proactive Customer Engagement Made Reality

Create messages tailored to customer needs and preferences enriched with multimedia comprising audio, video, images, gifs, and various other modalities.

Turn every agent into an expert and every support conversation into an experience by providing agents:

"agent expert"
  • Continuous on screen guidance and support with Real-Time Agent Assist
  • Canned responses to save their time and bandwidth
  • Rich message format to express your brand's personality
  • Rich features like, dispositions, notes, advanced analytics, and supervisor alerts

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