Your Partner Through The Digital Age

Your Partner Through The Digital Age

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Transform Customer Experience Through Enterprise-Ready Voice AI

Experience the power of world's leading AI voice bot that speaks to your customers naturally, just like a human agent.

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Make your customers feel truly heard

Customer experience is considered as the final differentiator in today’s increasingly competitive business environment. Although, most companies invest heavily to improve their overall contact center performance but, painful legacy IVRs, long customer waiting times, limited business knowledge of agents, and contact center overheads can make it difficult to delivering great customer experience. However, all this has changed with the arrival of Voice AI. Voice AI is currently shaping the future of customer experience by helping businesses overcome the limitations of the traditional IVR system.

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Create connected customer experience at speed and scale with Engagely voice AI


Reduction in wait time


Automation of customer queries


Reduction In operational cost


Improvement in NPS/CSAT

Voice AI is all about facilitating your customers with a seamless experience

The voice bot improves customer experience with natural conversations & humanized experiences

  • Mitigate Call Drops
  • Intent Recognition
  • Smart Interruption Handling
  • Dialects And Accents
  • Speech To Text
  • In-depth Analytics
"Mitigate Call Drops"

Mitigate Call Drops

Call drop indicates the call center’s inability to meet customer expectations or provide solutions in real time. This leads to customer dissatisfaction and it can negatively impact your overall business ROI key metrics. Engagely voice AI is designed in a way that if a call gets dropped in between, it can reconnect and retain the call where it was disconnected to further conclude the conversation.

Intent Recognition

Engagely voice AI comes with pre-built intents. The proprietary natural language processing (NLP) engine gives your customers the freedom to speak freely. The modern age voice bot is trained in such a way to understand colloquialisms across dialects and accents, so that the customer feels comfortable responding, instead of restricting themselves to “yes” or “no” responses.

"smart interruption handling"

Smart Interruption Handling

Only voice bot that supports free-flow conversations. User doesn’t need to wait till the bot completes a sentence,’s unique feature allows it to pause, listen, understand and respond while speaking. Thus the smart voice bot responds to customers in a natural way and seamlessly deals with their queries, interruptions, emotions, and more.

"Dialects and Accents"

Dialects And Accents

The powerful NLU engine and multilingual speech recognition makes Engagely voice bot capable of understanding customer queries and responding in 100+ global languages irrespective of local dialects and accents. Our voice AI seamlessly understands the nuances in various languages, dialects and accents worldwide.

"speech to text"

Speech To Text

Traditional contact centers record calls for quality purposes. The QA team will then listen to each call to analyze the quality of customer engagement to make processes better. In addition to saving a voice copy, Engagely maintains accurate and real-time text transcripts that can be used for faster quality screening and gathering deep behavioural insights that help you make better business decisions.

"in depth analytics"

In-depth Analytics

Get deeper insights into your customers’ needs, preferences, and interests along with the intent and sentiments with Engagely proprietary NLU engine. Engagely’s smart AI engine understands customer’s sentiments and can take certain actions based on the sentiment such as transferring to a human agent for an angry customer or using different dialogue to subdue the situation.

Top applications of voice AI

Inbound Calling

Automate cyclic, transactional multiple inbound calls with an insightful, dynamic, human-like experience. Engagely smart voice AI accommodates multiple simultaneous calls ensuring zero waiting time for your valuable customers.

Outbound Calling

With Engagely voice automation, place outbound calling, increase the number of people contacted without scaling up the headcount, and control call conditions to reach prospects outside of regular business hours.

Effortless Amalgamation of Systems (Voice AI+IVR)

The extensive voice AI platform helps you integrate a contextual voice assistant with your existing IVR instead of replacing it. So that you can deliver high-quality customer engagement experiences with no infrastructural overhaul anymore.

Call Center Software’s call center software powered by AI-voice bots is just the right fit solution for all your call center support operations. It is designed to support omnichannel journeys from the voicebot while building personalized workflows.

What sets apart is, its transformative features

"no code bot builder"

Faster deployment with No code bot builder

"real time processing"

Real time processing

"seamless integration with crm"

Seamless integration with CRM, cloud, and 3rd party applications

"cloud deployment"

Cloud/ hybrid/ on-prem deployment

"fail safe mechanism"

Fail safe mechanism

"smooth handover to human agent"

Smooth handover to human agent

"enterprise grade security"

Enterprise-grade security

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