Your Partner Through The Digital Age

Your Partner Through The Digital Age

"Partner with Engagely"

Partner With For New Age Total CX Transformation

Unleash your hidden business potential, new revenue stream with Engagely’s out of the box AI powered solutions

Become a partner’s conversational AI has been instrumental in helping businesses, big and small, take up the crucial first step towards AI Automation and go beyond! We help them unleash their business potential with cutting edge AI technologies and offer a richly personalized customer experience.

Our key partners

Microsoft is one of our most strategic alliance partners. We build the Engagely No Code total CX platform for contact center automation & intelligence on the Azure cloud and integrate deeply with many Microsoft products, including Microsoft D365, whereas Microsoft Azure Cognitive Speech Services (STT & TTS), Text Analytics and other PaaS & IaaS services are consumed to enable our products

Partnering with NTT to bring our AI-powered automation and intelligence to the market is another affirmation of Engagely’s strategy to become the Total CX intelligence platform of the world. It is also a testament to NTT’s forward-looking vision for the intelligent and networked enterprise.


Why partner with

Our partner program is built to empower businesses to grow now and in the future. We want to build the customer experience for the future NOW. With you will get

In-depth product training and sales enablement

Attractive partner commissions and discounts

Co-marketing with Engagely

VIP / Priority support

Early access to new products and feature releases

Industry specific knowledge from expert consultation

Our partnership programs are tailored for your requirements

Global Integrator Partner

Our Global Si’s are trusted advisors who are extensively trained on our CX platform to deliver high quality strategic consulting, implementation, support and managed services. Partner with us and take your business to the leading edge of global CX space.

Technology Partner

Give an edge to your offerings with Engagely’s amazing CX automation solutions. We not only enrich your CX but also empower your business with advanced NLP technology. Unlock your revenue potential by partnering with’s incredible technology proficiencies.

Reseller Partner

Our new-age CX automation platform encompasses all business requirements across numerous industries. Leverage the most out of it and help us explore wider horizons by reselling our solutions to promising businesses.

Referral Partnership

In order to expand the reach of our AI Automation solutions, we need more than expertise and experience which we have in spades. We can walk that extra mile with our extensive referral program that influences exchanging clientele to broaden our horizons.

Consultation Partner

Our transformative solutions go beyond just enhancing your customer support and engagement.’s comprehensive suite of automation and on automation solutions orchestrates total CX transformation that transforms your business holistically.

Scale unbelievable heights with’s amazing offerings

No Code

Our revolutionary no code platform transforms your idea into a fully-functioning AI automation bot within a week


Offer intuitive engagement to customers across various channels with seamless intuition

Multilingual Expertise

Language is no longer a barrier. With fluency in 120+ languages, globalize your business by engaging with regional and foreign audiences

Easy Integration

No need to rebuild your architecture. The AI automation system seamlessly integrates with your existing architecture, CRMs and third-party apps

AI Industry Models

Wide knowledge base and ready to use AI industry models empower you to handle complex queries with ease and precision

AI Analytics

The AI analysis of data from all the data-points offers profound insights in user behavior and buying patterns

Sentiment Analysis’s proprietary NLP model is the mastermind behind conducting free-flowing human-like conversations with customers

Banking-Grade Security

The industry-grade security level ensures all the sensitive data and business information is thoroughly protected with AI based encryption

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