Your Partner Through The Digital Age

Your Partner Through The Digital Age


Engagely AI Automation Brings All BPO CX Solutions Under One Roof

The full stack voice AI platform streamlines BPO workflows with a highly robust, efficient, and cost-effective contact center solution for improved agent productivity & CX.

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"Contact Center Software For BPO"

What makes contact center software an imperative for BPOs

How satisfied do you think your customers are with your digital support approach, options or actions? Findings reveal the disconnect between business perception and customer experience reality. These disconnects can have a negative impact on brand loyalty. On the other hand, the overwhelming call volumes and manual workflows can make agents’ work life difficult which further can lead to poor performance and customer dissatisfaction. Wherein, CX automation solution is not only a game changer but a true lifesaver for BPOs for that matter. 

Results that speak for themselves


Automation of support queries


Improved agent productivity


Reduction in waiting time


Improved customer satisfaction score (CSAT)

Why you should upgrade your BPO CX workflows with Engagely’s contact center software solution

"Engagely’s omnichannel contact center software solution"

Omnichannel presence- Be where your customers are

Support customers on their preferred channels that includes Voice calls, Chat, Email, Social media and more, using extensive integration capabilities across channels.

Witness the power of seamless Integrations

Engagely’s robust omnichannel CX automation product can sit on top of your in-house contact center systems and ticketing system or third-party CRM applications like Zoho, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and more.

Be the enabler for your employees

The AI Agent Assist (bot) gives an AI edge to human agents by setting up/ guiding with proactive or next-appropriate-actions and intelligent recommendations in every conversation to help solve complex customer issues faster.

Drive Sentiment driven CX that your customers will love

Engagely contact center software is designed in a way that it can accurately understand the customers' emotions with its advanced AI-powered sentiment analysis capabilities and deliver responses with empathetic approach.

Redefine support with self-service approach

With Engagely’s AI automation solution, customers can get their repeated queries resolved in real time and round the clock across languages, channels and various touch points without human agent involvement.

Don’t just fix it- Transform it with the AI powered modern approach

Give your customers the experience they deserve and agents the support they expect

Disposition automation

Engagely’s Voice bot records each call between the customer and the agent. This transcriptions & extracted information further helps derive accurate outcome of the call.

Call audit

The 100% call quality audit gives you better visibility of the every customer call that further helps you identify the underlying reasons for customer dissatisfaction and agents behavior during the call.

Live transcription of calls

The call transcription helps in getting smoother access to vital customer communication information, which allows you to improve training, monitoring, and troubleshooting processes.

Interactive voice response (IVR)

Engagely takes your traditional IVR Navigation system to another level with intelligent automation. Right from accurately identifying an intent from the query to smart call distribution, it enhances your customer experience like no other.

Automation of processes

Engagely’s AI automation solution optimizes your routine and repetitive CX operational workflows while improving agent productivity and customer experience by eliminating resource intense manual processes.

Training & coaching

Prepare your agents for delivering exceptional CX by providing them timely and targeted coaching on the basis of performance monitoring.

Remarkable customer experience & notable business growth with best-in-class solutions

"Engagely Automation Cloud"
"Unified Communication Cloud"
"Engagely Analytics Cloud"

Engagely Automation Cloud

Automate to streamline your complete BPO workflow with AI in ITES. Engagely’s Automation suite comprises next gen Voice Bot, Chatbot and Email bot that are empowered with advanced NLP. The CX solution helps in providing real time, 24*7/365 support across languages, channels, and devices at scale.

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"Engagely Automation Cloud"

Unified Communication Cloud

 Equip your agents with a single window console so they don’t have to struggle between too many folders and screens for responding to customer queries.’s unified window console empowers agents, supervisors and Agent assist with a single platform view for all customer queries and their resolutions across channels, multi-messaging apps and devices in real time. 

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"Unified Communication Cloud"

Engagely Analytics Cloud

Get complete visibility on each and every conversation your customer has with your business for better And consistent results. AI driven rich analytics help you turn your customer data into an asset. It also helps you predict your customer’s behavior and, therefore, can optimize the complete customer journey. 

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"Engagely Analytics Cloud"

What makes stand out from others

"ITES specific industry AI Models"

Full stack Voice AI platform

"100% browser based AI contact center"

100% browser based AI contact center

"Supervisory Control"

Supervisory Control

"Rich analytics and actionable insights"

Rich analytics and actionable insights

"Peer to peer connect"

Peer to peer connect

Exceptional customer support and engagement in 35+ channels across text and voice

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