Your Partner Through The Digital Age

Your Partner Through The Digital Age

Deliver New-age CX With Leading Edge AI Features

Make your business future-ready with these amazing features of AI

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The next-gen AI bots transcend the virtual barriers and connect with the customers on a human level. With five exciting features, Engagely’s AI bots takes your CX to a whole new level.

Crafting next-gen CX with the five amazing features


AI bot establishes highly intuitive touchpoints for your customers across key channels to deliver consistent customer support.

The NLP chatbot centralizes the customer data so that the omnichannel feature can identify the customers across different channels and align customer engagement accordingly to avoid duplicating solutions.


Multilingual Capabilities

Engagely AI bot processes text/speech input and instantly responds with text/dialogue output. This is achieved with the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) model.

NLU enables the bots to seamlessly identify syntax, contexts and unique dialectical patterns, thus enabling a free-flowing humanlike conversation.
We take it one step forward with an in-built language translator. It empowers our bots to fluently converse in 120+ foreign and regional languages.

With high-end NLU in place, the bots achieve precise dialectical patterns and cultural nuances effortlessly.

"multilingual capabilities"

Contextual Conversations

The bots are powered with flexible memory operations allowing them to effortlessly retain previous intents and switch them in between to deliver a free flowing humanlike conversational experience.
They house a vast knowledge base repository of trained intent phrases. This knowledge base contributes significantly to the precision of the automated conversations.

At the heart of an AI bot is our proprietary NLP engine. It enables them to identify key intent words and orchestrate real-time response.

Alongside, the AI bots are trained to identify new keyphrases and store them in the knowledge base repository. This enables the bots to evolve with each new interaction.

"contextual conversations"

No Code Studio

No Code Studio allows you to build a fully-functional bot from scratch with simple drag and drop features. It gives you complete control over customizing the nodes. You can freely determine the trigger points, actions and conditions.

Furthermore, you can devise your own personalized customer journeys for all your customer queries with just a few clicks.

This DIY platform allows you to do it all by yourself without typing a single line of code.

Predictive Analytics

Advanced data mining helps collect enormous historical data from CRM applications, collaboration tools, and various social media channels.

These datasets are analyzed with statistical algorithms, predictive modeling and big data ML techniques.

The results of this analytics offer highly accurate foresights into customer trends, risks and opportunities.

"predictive analytics"

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Experience the new-age CX with AI bots and commence a holistic revolution of your business.