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5 Tips to Choose the Right Voice bot Platform for Customer Service

No other customer support initiative has gained as much traction as the AI based voice for improved customer service. The AI driven contact centers have the potential to provide more personalized, intuitive, and AI-driven customer service experiences. A smart and intelligent voice assistant can help contact centers with process automation, agent productivity enhancement, data analysis, and workforce management. This ability and agility perhaps explain the massive rise of voice AI.

Forecast by Statista suggest that by 2024, the number of digital voice assistants will reach 8.4 billion units – a number higher than the world’s population. This corroborates voice AI’s incredible outcomes in powering up the customer engagement initiatives of a company.

Now, the next question that arises is – how to best deploy a voice technology bot that can understand the customer pain points and offer effective solutions, all without the need for a human agent.

This is where a voice bot platform for improved customer service comes into the picture.

What is voice AI bot platform and how to pick the right one?

A Voice AI bot platform helps businesses build and rapidly deploy voice-enabled conversational AI solutions to provide complete automation. While there are several Voice AI bot platforms available in the market, it is important to choose the right one!

Here are the top 5 tips to help you pick the cutting edge right fit Voice AI platform for you:

1. Cutting-edge NLP integration is just Non-optional

An enterprise-ready Voice AI bot will simulate human context to take conversations ahead. For this, the bot needs to have advanced NLP capabilities in-built. This way, the bot can comprehend the context behind the customer’s queries. It can then analyse and process it to respond in a natural yet friendly way.

The bots should be able to achieve at least 85 to 90 percent accuracy in understanding the requests and responding in a natural way to address the request. With such integration, customer experience will see phenomenal improvement.

2. Omnichannel capability does make a difference

Does your Voice AI platform have the power to deliver a seamless yet consistent experience across various digital channels? Lucky you! If the answer is yes. Today’s customers demand a quick and hassle-free experience, that too on their preferred channels.

A robust voice bot development platform will be able to provide an ‘always-available presence’ for customer support. Such AI powered voice assistants can be present on social media, mobile apps, website, automated IVR, and other channels, to deliver a Omnichannel customer experience.

3. No-code is the only way to go

“The future of coding is no coding at all.” – Chris Wanstrath, CEO at GitHub.

No-code automation platform allows build AI-powered bots without writing codes. The modern easy to use conversational AI platform lets businesses build bots quickly as compared to conventional coding methods while reducing the costs, money, and efforts.

4. Excellent sentiment analysis is the key

Hence the voice bot platform needs to have robust sentiment analysis built in. It helps the Voice AI solution to identify intent from complex queries and gauge emotions from text or voice data.

The sentiment analysis helps group a chunk of words under emotion categories like ‘frustrated’, ‘angry’, not happy’, or ‘neutral’.

Depending on the customer’s mood, the voice AI solution can either conclude the conversation or route the conversation to a human agent. Doing so helps the AI powered voice assistant to enhance the overall customer experience with improved customer engagement.

5. Seamless transition to a human agent

Intelligent Voice bots have amazing competencies in deciphering customer support requests and providing appropriate responses. But in some cases, it might happen that Voice AI needs human agent support to take the conversation ahead. After all, artificial intelligence is meant to augment human intelligence rather than replace it.

A good AI driven contact centre will have the integration to pass on the conversation to the most suitable live agent.

Of course, it is mandatory that customer engagement doesn’t drop in this crucial phase of transitioning from a voice AI bot to a human agent.  

The final words

These were some vital tips to help you pick the best Voice Bot platform for your business. Try out Engagely’s AI enabled conversational AI platform that is equipped with all the modern features that an advanced conversational AI bot must have. The robust multilingual and omnichannel, easy to use, no-code platform allows even non-technical users to harness the many advantages of voice automation and leverage AI powered voice assistants within the customer support process to build and deploy bots that too in a week’s time.

Getting started with this conversational AI platform is easy. All you need to do is contact us and we will be happy to guide you through the process.

Akshada Benke

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