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6 Reasons Why Voice Bots Are Essential to Your Customer Support Team

Technology solutions have the power to improve customer service in multiple ways. And thus, the immediate future of businesses seems to be all about leveraging the power of AI. Perhaps this is why organizations are embracing new age technologies and tools like voice bots and chat bots.

How voice AI transforms customer support?

One of the rapidly emerging modes of customer support is voice-based support. The introduction of voice AI solution not only reduces the work of customer but has potential to take customer experience to the next level.

And since studies suggest that voice-activated devices mimic the sense of talking to a human, the integration of Voice Bots in your customer support team will only result in better ROIs.

Moreover, voice bots or automated IVR have extraordinary ability to interpret, ingest, connect, communicate, comprehend, and reply to things, therefore proving one of the finest customer support tools.

With that being said, here are a few more reasons why you need to focus on shifting to the implementation of voice Bots:

1. Accessibility and reachability 

Voice AI solution refers to algorithms or smart machines that have the ability to perform cognitive tasks typically created by humans. They can mimic humans using various technology solutions, enabling better customer engagement.

Since machine learning is a part of conversational AI platform, when more data and algorithms are combined together, the AI powered voice assistant learns and improves from it to anticipate the consumer needs efficiently.

It can easily remove accessibility barriers that people with disabilities may have. This only means that you will have access to extensive demographics, regardless of how they access their system to get in touch with your business.

2. Speed in interactions 

Better service is not just limited to having a chat bot on your website. There are a lot of things that you can do in order to enhance the customer experience.

One of the most expected elements by the consumers is speed. Whether it is regarding the loading speed of the site or receiving answers to their queries – customers want things to happen at lightning speed every time.

Voice Bots can easily take over this task and offer required data faster and way more efficiently. Checking for information, room bookings, password resets, validating security are a few of the many things you can automate using Voice AI solution for better customer engagement.

3. Cost-effective 

It is a common misconception among people that investing in the latest technology like Voice Bots, automated IVR can cost a lot. Well, you need to check CNBC’s report on how voice AI chat bots are helping save $20 million globally.

Implementing AI powered voice assistant for your customer support team can highly reduce the operational costs as automation helps reduce employee involvement in the process to a great extent.

4. Reduced waiting times 

The process of waiting for something only infuriates people. So, why would you ever want your customers to wait in order to speak to a customer representative? It is best to offer them a solution in the form of voice AI.

This is because, when it comes to deciding what leads to a positive customer experience, people are more biased towards getting their queries solved quickly and competently instead of waiting to get the queries solved by the time they start losing their interest.

5. Better degree of personalization 

In today’s era, we are all interested in receiving personalized service. And why we wouldn’t, especially when personalization makes things ten times better?

Similar is the situation with your customers. They are looking for things that cater to their needs but as per their expectations. And that is what AI powered voice assistant is capable of doing.

For instance, Multilingual Voice Bots provides the choice of selecting a language in which a customer wishes to interact. This way, you not only expand your horizons but ensure that your customers are listened to and valued.

6. Human-like Interactions

Voice Bots are here to stay and even reign in future. This is because, implementation of conversational AI platforms in your customer support team will only offer a friendly experience to the customers – all thanks to this human-like technology.

In fact, almost 41% of people have stated that using voice-activated devices have made them feel like they are communicating with a human (friend).

In a Nutshell

It is evident from the benefits that Voice Bots have the potential to change the way your customer support functions and guides the customers for better customer engagement.

If this incredible technology has already intrigued your senses, then it is time to take the next step by working with the experts at Engagely’s robust no-code conversational AI platform refines business processes with an omnichannel, multilingual and deeply intuitive Voice Bot and Chat bots.

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