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6 Top Benefits of AI Voice Technology

What is Voice AI Technology? 

Crunching numbers; sifting through folders; attending endless calls; are all some of the horror stories that people sit through during their time at the office. Technology and innovation have eliminated most redundancies at the workplace, but some still persist. Automation had a large part to play in this endeavor with Artificial Intelligence being the driving force behind it all. From customer support to daily admin, AI has slowly but steadily streamlined the workflows that were once overflowing with redundancy. Now there’s a new team-up that’s set to take efficiency through the roof – AI powered Voice Technology.

Voice technology has been around for a while, but it is only recently that its popularity has taken an exponential turn. The pros of incorporating voice technology are virtually limitless. Here are the top 5 benefits of incorporating AI Voice Technology into the workflow.

How AI-powered Voice assistant works

Siri and Cortana have become so infused in our routine that we have forgotten there was a time when AI was not so normalized. That brings the question, how does an AI-powered Voice Assistant even work?

Intelligent Voice Assistants are conversational AI voice tools based on understanding human language, trends, and experiences. Their basic functioning depends on voice and text recognition. An AI Voice Assistant is nothing but a synthetic voice that turns text into human-sounding speech with the help of task-based algorithms. The process is simple. A user asks its Intelligent Voice Assistant, a question, or a query. The Assistant then proceeds to separate the user’s voice from any noise or disturbance. The Voice AI’s neural path work is similar to that of a neuron of a human’s brain, and it analyses and understands the question the user has asked and works on formulating a response. The final step of the procedure is the output, which is the Voice AI communicating the response.

Burger King, Uber and Whirlpool are some common brands that have incorporated the use of AI Voice Assistants.

1. Improved Customer Engagement

Undoubtedly, Voice AI’s have made consumers’ lives easier by a long shot. With a few voice commands you can pay for a pizza and have it delivered at your doorstep. This is just a tiny example of how Intelligent Voice Assistants have improved customer engagement since their inception. Voice AI particularly helps brands cater to their consumers better since it is more conversational and can recognize trends. This helps the customer feel more acknowledged and brings in a more personal touch. AI can also take more consumer load, which makes recognizing and resolving issues way quicker and much more efficient. Even more so, the usage of chatbots ensures the provision of speed and accuracy in real time solutions as opposed to the drowsy long phone calls that keep a customer waiting for hours sometimes, and as any business will tell you, customer care is one of the most important parts of brand management.

2. Advanced Search Capabilities

Regardless of the chosen device, typing is an incredibly cumbersome process. All faculties need to be concentrated whilst typing making it incredibly difficult to multi-task. Voice AI technology easily removes this redundancy. AI is capable of picking up verbal cues required to consolidate the information and provide accurate results in a moment’s notice. Moreover, the voice feature frees up your arms, thereby enabling you to complete tasks simultaneously.

3. Customer Support Round the Clock

Has something in your house malfunctioned at 10 pm on a Friday night? The frustration at this point is simply immeasurable. You will probably have to wait till Monday to get a hold of customer support. Not anymore! AI powered voice technology has got you covered. Large packets of data and machine learning algorithms ensure that AI backed voice bots can respond to all your queries successfully. As an added bonus, the experience would be similar to conversing with a live agent. 24/7 customer support helps users tackle any issues at the middle of the night and facilitates instantaneous ticket resolution.

4. Smart Working Environment

Office hours make the workplace look like a war control room. The unending buzz and overwhelming pace of activity is simply strenuous. Voice AI Technology can shoulder some of these responsibilities to make the working space more efficient. For instance, AI voice bots can be installed at front-desks to direct visitors to the appropriate section easily. Additionally, voice assistants can be employed to carry out repetitive tasks or perform secretarial duties.

5. Let Go of The Language Barrier

A voice bot can accommodate multiple languages in its portfolio. The multilingual feature ensures that customer interaction is not limited due to language. This allows businesses to market their products to a larger audience and resolve the issues they face in their native tongue. The boost in customer experience comes with a host of subsidiary benefits such as increased brand awareness and better consumer perception.

6. Supercharge Marketing Efforts

In a market that is extremely sales oriented and demands a fast-paced movement of lead generation and integration, Voice AI tech can prove to be revolutionary. It can help plan your campaigns, analyze your strategies, and have a grasp at your target audience.

Voice AI technology empowers marketing to thrive in two ways. To start with, smart voice bots are a relatively novel technology for most users. This sparks their interest which can subsequently be translated to the product. Also, businesses, especially the ones operating in the eCommerce sector, receive tons of data that possess valuable information and insights. An AI voice bot can assimilate this information with ease. This data can then be used to improve the product as well as marketing metrics.

The Final Word

AI Voice Technology is undoubtedly the next big thing! Businesses are transitioning to AI voice bots at a greater rate than before. With superior economics, efficiency, and productivity; organizations get the whole package when they incorporate voice technology into their infrastructures.

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