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A Quick Guide to Optimizing WhatsApp Business Account With WhatsApp Bot

What is WhatsApp Business?

The app that is exclusively meant for businesses and seems to be gaining popularity in the business world for the right reasons, is none other than the WhatsApp Business. The app allows businesses to connect, interact and engage their customers efficiently within WhatsApp. It is helpful for businesses in many ways such as providing updates, sending notifications, recommending products, answering customer questions, providing customer support in real-time, and doing much more that too without increasing marketing spends.

What makes WhatsApp Business the most engaging marketing channel?

Yes, this could precisely be the reason that makes WhatsApp the most loved marketing channel nowadays. A business account on WhatsApp can help you automate responses and provide an exceptional customer experience while offering some absolutely exquisite features.

Here are the top features of WhatsApp Business Account

1. Multimedia Support:

Customers engage better with images & video and other forms of visual content. WhatsApp business can help you improve your customer engagement with multimedia messages.

2. Business Profiles:

This is one of the very useful WhatsApp Business Account features that allow you to build your business profile with the required information such as your business description, location, and email address.

3. Instant Responses:

The option helps you save and reuse the most common replies, you frequently use and seamlessly answer the commonly asked questions in real-time.

4. Automated Messages:

The WhatsApp chatbots let you set automated messages such as welcome messages sent to your prospects or potential customers, taking feedback post conversations, and recommending products for better customer engagement.

5. Analytics and Insights:

Quick and useful statistics into essential metrics to give you an overview of the number of actual messages successfully sent, delivered, and read.

6. Labels

The feature helps you organize your customers’ contacts or chats systematically so that you can easily find them whenever need be.

What are the pre-requisites for running WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp business certainly requires a few prerequisites just like every other app does.

To get started with the WhatsApp Business, you need to have a smartphone that runs Android. IOS owners may have to wait a while though. WhatsApp only allows one device or the number to be linked to one WhatsApp business account. The mobile number that you are using for your personal WhatsApp account, cannot be used for your WhatsApp Business account. And thus, you are not allowed to use your existing WhatsApp registered number as your WhatsApp Business number. To set up a personal WhatsApp account and WhatsApp business account on the same phone, you’ll need to have a dual sim smartphone.

WhatsApp Business App allows only one user on one device. And thus, if in case you are looking to enable access to multiple team members, you may have to consider a WhatsApp Business API account for your business.

How to set up your WhatsApp business account?

Setting up a WhatsApp business account for your business makes your brand available on the most popular messaging platform globally. This can help you win your customers’ trust and save substantial costs on creating separate customized solutions while increasing sales and revenue for your business.

Simply click the below URL to know how you can get started step-by-step with your WhatsApp Business account.


And voila! Once you are done setting up your WhatsApp business account, it’s time to take a look at the top use cases of the WhatsApp business:

How to use WhatsApp for business?

WhatsApp Chatbot basically allows you to automate your sales and customer support on your WhatsApp Business Account in various ways. Below are the top ones:

The top 6 use cases of WhatsApp Business Account:

1. Sending marketing/promotional messages-

Send Out notifications and carry out 2-way conversations with your customers within WhatsApp.

2. Taking orders-

By implementing WhatsApp Business you can let your customers place orders easily through the cart feature anytime and from anywhere.

3. Sending reminders

WhatsApp Business can help your business drive better engagement with automated notifications such as sending reminders on time.

4. Taking feedback by getting reviews and ratings

Businesses can interact with their customers efficiently by automating the process of taking feedback on the product.

5. Generating leads-

WhatsApp Business can help you cultivate your potential buyers and increase sales and revenue.

6. Automating chats with greeting and away messages

WhatsApp Business app allows you to automate chats and set ‘Away Messages’ during the ‘away hours.

How can your business benefit by using WhatsApp Business?

According to Forbes, WhatsApp is the most popular and the largest messaging platform across the globe with over 1.5 billion monthly active users- which makes it even bigger than Facebook Messenger and the greatest source of a wider reach.

How about delving further into the benefits of implementing WhatsApp chatbot for business?

1. Improved Customer Support

Offering good customer service is the key, but what if you can cater an out of box, customer service? The app can help your business create a personal environment for your customers to seamlessly connect with them in real-time. WhatsApp Business can help you provide better and faster support your customers crave and win their trust and loyalty.

2. Improved Revenue

Reaching out to more potential customers can help you grow your business exponentially, A business account on WhatsApp will help the brand be where its customers are. This overall can help accelerate the process of product search and reduce the time taken to make a purchase and improve the top-line drastically.

3. Costs saving

According to IBM, businesses normally spend about $1.3 trillion on 265 billion customer service calls every year. AI-powered chatbots can help businesses save on customer service costs by speeding up response times, setting human agents free for more challenging work, and answering up to 80% of repetitive questions using the business account on WhatsApp.

Implementing a WhatsApp Chatbot that allows you to automate your sales and customer support on your WhatsApp Business account can help you save costs incredibly. Although WhatsApp chatbot may require some significant investment in the beginning, it can help you significantly save money and time in the long run.

4. Personalized Customer Engagement 

Wider reach, easy-to-use interface, and highly secured end-to-end encryption make the WhatsApp business platform stand different from others. A WhatsApp chatbot is a convenient medium to connect and communicate with customers about customer service operations such as order confirmations, delivery updates, and responding to customers’ answer booking and billing-related queries. Intelligent AI-powered chatbots can understand the context from the user input with its smart intent identification model and provide accurate responses. This can help you improve customer engagement and build your brand loyalty.

5. 24*7 Availability

Customers look for instant and meaningful solutions to their queries or problems. The major advantage of going for AI-powered conversational AI for your WhatsApp business account is you can be available for your customers just around the clock.

The Final Word

There are multiple benefits of adopting a WhatsApp business account. Having a business account on WhatsApp for your enterprise and deploying a WhatsApp Business chatbot for your WhatsApp business account is the key to be ahead of the curve and redefine your customer support. brings to you an enterprise-grade-AI-driven-Conversational Customer Engagement platform trusted by 100+ renowned enterprises across the globe. The platform is equipped with a unique action-intent engine that can drive superior customer engagement across all the popular communication channels in 120+ global languages and help you acquire more leads, optimize revenues and reduce costs significantly.

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