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AI-Powered Real-Time Agent Assist- Making Every Human Agent An Expert 

“Behind every Customer Support and Experience process is an Agent.”  

Thus, getting customer experience right starts with your contact center agents. Contact center is the front door of your business and at the heart of the contact center are your customer support agents. Efficient customer support representatives have potential to shape customer perceptions of your brand. Thus, the need to elevate the status of customer support agents has always been very critical.  

Consumers are 2.6x as likely to purchase more from a company after a 5-star experience compared to a 1- or 2-star experience. 

While routine and repetitive customer queries can be handled by AI bots and other automation technologies, human interaction between customers and agents is extremely necessary for more complex problems. A customer appreciates an empathetic, informed, and knowledgeable agent who can solve their problems faster and better. 

However, inefficient agents can change the hunky-dory story upside down. 33% of customers are most frustrated by having to wait on hold. 33% are most frustrated by having to repeat themselves to multiple support reps.  

Let’s deep dive into the Expectations Vs Reality to understand it even better.   

Let’s Begin With What Your Customers Really Expect From You- 

Instant query resolution to queries with zero wait time, round the clock availability, highly personalized recommendations, delightful & empathetic experience in the language they want to communicate in and across channels they prefer is all what your customers expect and isn’t that what they truly deserve?

What The Reality Is And What Probably Your Customers End Up Getting From You (?) 

Prolong wait times, brick and mortar-limited hour support, lack of support across channels and languages they prefer communicating in, non-empathetic, not so personalized, and dissatisfied experience?      

Now Let’s Talk About What Is Causing And Increasing Gap Between The Expectation And Reality 

Here’s something that is holding your customer support representatives/ agents back from delivering a great experience-  

Inability to understand customer sentiments, poor understanding of context, dialects and accents, inconsistent speech rate and noise interference, lack of knowledge, customer details and insights, unified system integration for solutions, prolong after-call work are a few things that are negatively affecting your agent’s performance.  

On top of the above challenges, high call volumes, complexity in customer queries, lack of appropriate knowledge and tools make these agents feel stressed and burn out. This further leads to poor agent performance and overall productivity. 

When customers do not get their issue dealt with the first time, it’s a snowball effect that impacts future calls. 30% of content centers call volume are callbacks from previous, unresolved issues.  

And the good news is that, since we know the problem and the reason behind the one, it’s even easier to fix it.  

Here comes the Real-Time Agent Assist that bridges the gap by matching up expectations with reality.  

What is a Real-Time Agent Assist? 

  A real-time agent assist is an AI powered bot for your customer support agents. It interacts with your agents and boosts their performance by assisting them in real-time, during live customer interactions, thereby leading to highly improved agent & customer experience. 

How Does Agent Assist Help Deal With Customer Experience (CX) And Employee Experience (EX) Challenges? 

Here’s how the Agent Assist helps you transform Contact Center performance with benefits at all fronts, literally!  

Improved CX and EX With Real-Time Hyper-Personalized Recommendations 

The AI agent assist can read or listen to the conversation between the customer and the agent and recommends highly personalized ready to send responses- all in real time. This also helps agents provide faster and the most relevant resolutions to their queries and improve their satisfaction levels.  An AI agent assist uses advanced natural language processing technology to understand what users say and responds appropriately, which makes it easier for agents to resolve queries in less time with improved experience for both, customers as well as human agents. 

Multilingual Support 

AI agent assist can offer multilingual support, allowing your agents to provide support in the language their customers prefer communicating in. It can also support a wide range of accents, dialects, and speaking styles to offer your customers delightful experiences. 

Sentiment-Driven Assistance 

The smart AI powered AI agent assist accurately identifies customer sentiments. It determines if the sentiment is positive or negative and immediately recommends the next appropriate action to the agents to drive successful outcomes from every customer interaction. 

Linguistic Competence 

An agent assist can precisely distinguish keywords from the user query and accordingly help agents with AI-driven suggestions. It confirms whether the expressions were favorable, unfavorable, or neutral. This helps in avoiding situations that may lead to customer frustrations and provide delightful experiences. 

Reduced Agent Churn With On-Job Training And Coaching 

Managers reported that agents take 8 weeks to become proficient in coordinated economies, 16 weeks in liberal market economies, and 12 weeks in industrializing economies.- The Global Call Centre (GCC) Project 

AI agent assist reduces the learning curve for all your new agents as it assists them with the right information at the right time to provide right solution to customers. It brings new agents up to speed faster with real-time training and coaching.  This improves agent productivity and effectiveness, helping them to be more efficient, informed, engaged, and focused on their customers. 

Live Transcriptions At Fingertips 

With a speech-to-text module, agent assist helps with live transcriptions. These call transcriptions are available to the agents as well as supervisors in real time and after the call. It helps agents derive actionable insights from each interaction to improve overall CX, future engagements, and team performance.  

Improved AHT With Audial Indicator Identification  

This is another a very powerful feature of an AI agent assist for Voice. It precisely identifies long silences, interruptions, and more during live customer interactions. This helps in taking the next appropriate action or respond accordingly, improve average handle time (AHT), and boost customer satisfaction. 

Omnichannel Support 

A real-time agent assist is devised in a way that the context of the conversations between the customers and a customer support representative across channels can be preserved with its Omni-channel presence. 


AI agent assist helps you manage your customer queries in less time and with less efforts due to improved average handling time (AHT). You don’t need to appoint more people or pay for additional software and tools. It saves your resources while keeping costs under control while growing your business. 

Agent assist offers 24/7*365 support. It allows your agents to provide support even during holidays and after work hours. No matter how complex the query is, the agent assist helps your customer support representatives to provide help when they need it.  

Additionally, real-time agent assist automatically creates, updates and streamlines customer data to keep it up to date. This helps in increasing efficiency and accuracy in your customer relationship management (CRM) system. 

And Here Are The Final Words- 

Undeniably, the future of AI Agent Assist is promising. It will help you to reduce contact center operational costs, increase agents’ efficiencies, drive better ROI, and improve employee and customer satisfaction. Now is the right time to invest in this technology if you are looking to prepare for the future and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. 

Streamline your contact center customer support workflows by empowering human agents. Leverage Engagely Real-Time Agent Assist that sets every agent up for success from the first point of contact with the sentiment-driven solution at their fingertips.  

Engagely Agent Assist is a simple yet powerful AI solution designed to help agents on-the-job and in real-time 


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