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Cloud Contact Center- A Must Have AI Solution That Brings Out The Best From Your Supervisors

A supervisor at a Contact Center has lots of responsibilities. Above everything, he/she ensures that the end-to-end operations are running smoothly. When it comes to handling something as uncertain as communication channels, you need more than supervision skills. You need complete access to the minutiae as well as a broad view of the entire operation.   

A supervisor has many duties. After all, they are the link between the company’s customer experience objectives and the front-line agents. We know that the supervisor’s job is not an easy one. And the below-mentioned duties only prove the vast complexity involved in supervising the end-to-end Contact Center operations. 

Key Duties of A Supervisor

Call Intervene For Complex Issues: The supervisor finds himself intervening calls to deal with disgruntled customers on a day to day basis. Things typically get worse when the handover is not smooth causing a long waiting pause. 

Accurate Call Routing: One of the top skills that a supervisor is expected to have is a complete understanding of his agents.As simple as it sounds, handling a pool of 20 agents with diverse expertise is a daunting task that usually ends up with mis-routing calls to wrong agents. 

Make Crucial Decisions & Approvals: In Contact Centers, each call is a race against time itself. There is no room for delay nor error. However, due to lack of insights and paucity of time, the supervisor ends up making the wrong decision and eventually degrades the customer experience.

Quality Monitoring & Coaching: Monitoring and coaching is an integral part of a supervisor’s job role across industries. He/she is expected to run a thorough quality control assessment of the calls and identify the improvement areas. It is a seemingly tedious process and in most cases, the quality control is never close to accurate. 

Performance Reviewing & Reporting: The supervisor reviews the key performance parameters of the agents and prepares a concise performance assessment. However, due to lack of accurate information on agent calls, query resolution rates and customer reviews, the derived assessment rarely reflects the actual performance of the agents.

Taking Supervisor’s Efficiency To Another Level With Contact Center Cloud

Contact Center Cloud comes with amazing features that inspire supervisors to perform at their peak. Right from optimal resource management to precision-based performance assessment and everything in between, contact center supervision has never been so efficient before.  

  1. Accurate Call Routing – Contact Center Cloud performs smart routing by redirecting the calls to the right agent with prerequisite skills to handle the query. In spite of a large pool of agents, the Contact Center Cloud swiftly facilitates a smooth handover to the right agent with real-time precision. 
  2. Listen Live Calls – The supervisor has complete access to the ongoing calls. He can drop by and listen to the live calls and, if needed, intervene for extended assistance.
  3. Real-Time Assistance: The supervisor can also initiate live assistance to the agent and handle difficult queries with expertise and draw them to their rightful conclusion. 
  4. Live Conference Calls: In cases of complicated situations, agents can set up a conference call by pooling in their subordinates or supervisors for assistance.
  5. Remote Operations: Contact Center Cloud, with end to end operations streamlined on Cloud space, offers incredible working flexibility to the agents and supervisors. They are no longer confined to the operational limits of the physical architecture of the traditional Contact Centers. It allows the agents and supervisors to work remotely and ensure the operation goes on smoothly even if they are not physically present in the premises. 
  6. Real-Time Quality Monitoring: The analysis of call samples, as done in Contact Centers, proves to be an ineffective instrument for assessing the agent performance. This limitation is overcome by the real-time call monitoring which empowers supervisors to track agent calls with insights in speech patterns. Furthermore, it also analyzes acoustic details to detect profanity, violations and customer sentiments. 

With speech analytics, call playback and transcripts, the supervisor has incisive access to the agent’s performance. 

Advanced Analytics With Single Window Console: Contact Center Cloud employs advanced logic on the past data to predict solutions for the future challenges. With a single window dashboard, the supervisor gets predictive insights on call volumes, query resolution ratio, and other crucial information such as the working hours, break time and average resolution duration. 

Furthermore, the supervisors can precisely determine the resource bandwidth required on a public holiday. Likewise, during a new product rollout, they glean insights on how much they ramp up their agent pool. With real-time access to insightful foresights, the supervisors can stay five steps ahead and plan for the forthcoming challenges. 


Supervisors tend to focus a lot on the performance parameters, valuable that they are, but become oblivious to the bigger picture of the operation. With’s Contact Center Cloud solution, things are changing. The supervisors are now able to step beyond the metrics with a bird-eye view of the end-to-end operations. 

Not only are they well-informed about the critical KPIs but they are also in close touch with crucial aspects of operations. With constant eyes on the nitty-gritties of the agent’s operations  such as their language, escalation attempts and compliance, they have deep insights into the positive and negative aspects of the team.

Lastly, the data from real-time monitoring analytics offer realistic insights into the targets that should be set for the agents.’s groundbreaking Contact Center Cloud solutions endows the supervisors with seamless flexibility, incisive access into agent operations, performance and results. For a business seeking to ramp up their Contact Center supervisor’s efficiency, there is no better alternative than upgrading to Contact Center Cloud.

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