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Deep Dive In Sentiment Analysis – How Does Voice Bot Give A New Dimension To Customer Solutions?

The above conversation is an apt example of how to address the sentiments of a disgruntled customer. The surprising fact is that the fine display of empathy towards the customer’s distress comes, not from a trained human agent, but from a voicebot   

Yes, this is the new leap that modern customer experience has taken. Years ago, real-time customer support set a standard for premium experiences. Today, we take one step forward from engagement and give a new dimension to customer experience by empathizing with customers.  

The Science of Empathy  

Empathy is the higher order intelligence that allows us to deeply engage with humans. It means that we are able to see the world as others see it, understand their predicaments and, in the final analysis, validate their sentiments with care. In simple words, empathy is at the heart of what we consider being human.  

The science of empathy is crucial for meaningful communication. It is important even more so in customer support. However, swamped with voluminous calls and queries, it is next to impossible for agents to deal with each customer with care and empathy.  

Customers seek semblances of human touch in the world of online business. It does not come as a surprise that they largely respond to solutions that timely address their concerns and acknowledge their emotions.  

That is why businesses are now adopting voice ai based bots because of its unbelievable sentiment analysis that takes customer engagement to a whole new level.  

What is Sentiment Analysis? 

It is a branch of ML and AI that deals with deconstructing conversations. NLP (Natural Language Processing) enables  real-time sentiment analysis by computing sentiment scores. These scores quantify conversations with positive, neutral and negative emotions.  

Let us look at how this really works. 

  1. The text is deconstructed into its basic components, they are: semantics, phrases, and entities. 
  1. They key words and phrases are identified 
  1. The sentiment score assigned to each word and phrase is computed and overall score is determined 

Sentiment Library – The Lexicon of Emotions That Drive The Voice Bot 

The Sentiment Library is an extensive lexicon of key adjectives and phrases with pre-assigned scores. Once the library is prepared, a set of rules are carefully written in the software to orchestrate the precise identification of sentiments in a given statement. Below is an example of a sentiment library, with key words and their respective determined scores. 

The software enables voice bots to identify the emotions by assessing the proximity to other positive and negative words. For instance, as compared to “a bit disappointed”, “totally disgusted” bears a fairly high negative sentiment. 

Larger the Sentiment Library, more accurately will voice bots analyze the sentiments of even complex statements. 

Deconstructing Speech With Tagging 

POS-Tagging (Parts of Speech) deconstructs the sentences and identifies fundamental elements such as verbs, adverbs, adjectives, and nouns.  

A high-functioning sentiment analysis system is built on the foundations of NLU software that performs flawless POS-tagging. This is the most crucial aspect of sentiment analysis for it enables identifying diverse emotional aspects from human speech.  

Let us look at an example: 

Takeaway Points 

Voice bots are becoming a crucial part of customer solutions because, as a business, you not only want to give the right solutions but also deliver meaningful experiences.’s voice ai based Bot breathes the profound human element to your customer solutions with flawless sentiment analysis. As about the business benefits, there are plenty: 

01.Identify Emotional Triggers

02.Smooth Handover To Human Agent

03.Acknowledge Sentiments & Adapt Customer Solutions Accordingly

04.Assess Overall Sentiments Of Your Customer Base

05.Boost Accuracy, Efficiency and Productivity.

We have seen how voice bots deliver human-like animated customer experience by analyzing the deconstructed sentence structure. Be it a disgruntled customer or a happy one,’s voicebot aptly identifies the customer mood and responds accordingly.  

It’s no sorcery, but the sophistication of AI technologies that is radically transforming the very fabric of customer experience. For businesses encumbered by obsolete customer solutions, voice ai based bot is what you need. Visit AI Voice Automation and get a better idea of how it upgrades your business for the new-age customer experience.

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