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Engagely Connect- The Game Changer Live Chat Mobile App for New Age Customer Support Agents

Remote work is here to stay and will increase into 2023, Experts say- Forbes

The impetus for working from home has elevated considerably during and post pandemic. Today, more employers as well as employees say they have opted for remote work by choice rather than necessity.

Post pandemic remote work has emerged as permanent fixture for a few good reasons.

The customer service sphere is not an exception too.

Advancements in technology have made it easier than ever for customer service agents to work remotely. Wherein, remote work eliminates geographical limitations when it comes to hiring talent. Companies can tap into a global talent pool and attract the best candidates for their positions, regardless of their physical location- as a result they can deliver improved experience to customers. Isn’t that a win-win situation for all?

While remote working offers numerous benefits, customer service agents may face several challenges when working remotely. Below are the most common ones:

  • Remote work can hinder spontaneous conversations, quick problem-solving, and immediate access to support.
  • Agents may face connectivity issues, software glitches, or hardware problems, impacting their ability to handle customer inquiries effectively.
  • Lack of direct oversight can lead to delays in receiving guidance, feedback, or coaching, potentially affecting agent performance and development.
  • Agents may encounter distractions or disruptions that can affect their focus and productivity.
  • Also, ensuring data protection and maintaining privacy standards can be more challenging in a remote work environment.

Moreover, providing comprehensive training, imparting company culture, and fostering a sense of belonging can be challenging when done remotely. Remote work may impact the overall customer experience if agents encounter difficulties accessing information or resolving issues promptly.

To address these challenges, introduced Engagely Connect, a Live Chat Mobile App with Voice support for agents. This app provides a convenient and efficient means for agents to interact with customers in real-time, regardless of their physical location. It enables seamless communication, improves customer service, and supports businesses in delivering effective support and assistance through mobile devices.

It helps your customer support reps to continue without disruption, allowing them to meet your business key metrics, and empowering them to work remotely with all the information they need at their fingertips.

Here’s a general overview of how it works:

Easy To Deploy & Manage

Engagely Connect is a mobile app built exclusively for customer support agents for Live chat interactions with customers, no matter whether they work from home, office or in hybrid settings. This app typically works using mobile or web-based platforms that enable agents to engage in real-time conversations with customers or clients. Agents can install the app in their smartphones, log in to the application or platform using their credentials and get started.

Seamless Omnichannel Interactions

Engagely connect lets your agents engage with customers across Chat, Voice, and Email using a single intuitive mobile app. This includes inbound voice, outbound voice, outbound IVR, and wise range of digital channels. Overall, an omnichannel live chat app ensures that customers can interact with your business using their preferred channels while providing a consistent and seamless experience. It enables efficient communication, improves customer satisfaction, and helps businesses deliver superior customer support.

Notifications And Availability

Agents can set their availability status within the application to keep their customers informed, indicating whether they are ready to receive chat requests or not. When an agent is available, they can receive incoming chat requests from customers.

By setting availability statuses, agents can effectively manage their time and workload, ensuring that they are accessible to customers when they are ready to handle chat requests. It helps improve customer satisfaction by reducing wait times.

Chat Routing

When a customer initiates a chat, the chat request is typically routed through a queue or an intelligent routing system. The system may consider factors such as agent availability, expertise, and workload to determine the best-suited agent for the chat. 

By considering these factors, the chat routing system aims to connect customers with the most suitable and available agent, improving the efficiency of the support process and ensuring that customers receive timely and effective assistance.

User Friendly Interface

The app has a very easy to use interface. Also, once a chat request is assigned to an agent, they receive a notification or an alert. Agents can then access the chat interface, which is super easy to use, which provides them with real-time messaging capabilities to communicate with the customer. 

Overall, this feature contributes to a smooth and effective communication process between agents and customers, promoting a positive user experience and efficient customer support.

Messaging Features

The chat interface includes features such as typing indicators, message previews, and timestamps, allowing agents to see and respond to customer messages promptly. Agents can type and send text based as well as voice messages, sometimes send attachments, links, or canned responses for better experience and customer satisfaction.

Chat Management

The chat interface provides features for agents to manage chats effectively. They can have a 360-degree view of customer information, chat history, and other relevant details to provide personalized and context-aware support. Agents can also escalate or transfer chats to higher-level support when and if needed.  

This helps agents deliver personalized, context-driven support by providing with a holistic view of customers & their history. The ability to escalate/transfer chats ensures that customers get accurate support based on their specific needs.

Wrap-Up and After-Chat Work

After a chat concludes, agents may have options to perform wrap-up activities, such as adding notes, updating customer records, or creating follow-up tasks. These tasks ensure proper documentation and enable agents to provide consistent service across channels through the single workspace application. 

Performance Analytics

The mobile application or platform offers performance analytics and reporting features. These tools help supervisors and managers track key metrics like response time, chat duration, customer satisfaction, and agent productivity. It helps in gathering feedback from customers with post-call IVR, email, and web intercept surveys. It provides actionable insights for supervisors on agent performance and areas in need of improvement. 

Engagely connect empowers customer support agents by providing them with a mobile and accessible communication channel. It enables them to offer real-time support, collaborate effectively, and deliver excellent customer experiences regardless of their locations.  

In summary, having a live chat app on an agent’s mobile device provides mobility, real-time responsiveness, multitasking capabilities, on-the-go access to information, improved customer experience, and increased agent efficiency. These benefits contribute to more effective customer support and overall improved satisfaction.

Request a call from our team of experts to help you determine if Engagely connect solution is right for your business. 

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