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Four Ways To Turn Your Festive Rush Into Excellent Business Opportunities With CX Automation

The holiday season is upon us. It is that time of the year when we discard the old stuff and buy new things for ourselves, send gifts to loved ones and make way for new things to come. This frantic environment in the market presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to leave an indelible mark on the customer’s imagination. This can be done by means of delivering impeccable customer experience. 

This article explores four key aspects to make the best out of this festive season. Be it retaining old customers, or getting new ones, these four steps make up a perfect formula to deliver a perfect customer experience during any festive season.

1. Be Prepared For The Festive Rush

 CX Automation

Needless to say, the festive season is a crazy time. Be it Diwali in India or Christmas in the US, we see customers queueing up for hours. It is unreasonable for Contact Centers to boost the resources because it weighs heavily on the operational and employee training costs.

As customers have gotten accustomed to long waiting lines, you can take the first step forward by surprising them with the opposite – solve their queries instantly.

Upgrade your customer solutions with a Voice Bot that has an unbelievable capacity to hold multiple calls. With omnichannel compatibility, you can now reach out to your customers across various channels such as Facebook and Instagram, and more.

By maintaining a consistently vigilant customer solution across channels, you will have a major part of your problems covered. Your customers can reach you from any platform, and rest assured that they will be attended with utmost care and precision-driven solutions. 

Voice Bot deals with the surging traffic of customer calls with:

  • Increased call handling bandwidth
  • Intent-based two-ways conversation
  • Consistent customer experience across channels

2. Empower Your Agents With A Real-time Agent Assist

 Real-time Agent Assist

Swamped with calls, the agent loses sight of customer engagement and focuses simply on trying to close the query and attend the next one in a never-ending line. This directly impacts your CSAT score. 

You can balance this situation by introducing AI based Agent Assist that provides real-time support to the agent. He no longer has to browse different dashboards to gather crucial data. The Agent Assist does all the heavy lifting here. 

When the agent is attending to a query, the Agent Assist listens to the customer chat, identifies and retains the query intents to provide real-time prompts to the agent. 

The agent can now focus on delivering personalized experience to his customer while the agent feeds him with real-time information.

Among many things, this customer solution:

  • Saves Time For Both, the customers as well as for your agents
  • Improves Query Resolution Rate
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score

3. Give A Personal Touch With Customized Solutions

Voice AI

Customers truly appreciate it when their concerns are addressed in real-time. It doesn’t matter even if it is a simple “I understand your predicament. I will take care of it” or “We have noted your concern. Our team will take care of it asap”. These are more than just messages. They are gestures that build a solid foundation of customer loyalty over a course of time.

With Voice Bot, you go one step further. Its profound sentiment analysis system has a remarkable capability to listen and assess the mood of the customer with unbelievable precision. Furthermore, its deeply layered NLP model identifies the query intents, retains and switches them to ensure interruption-free, two-way human-like communication. As fascinating it is, it breathes a new life to your customer solution.

In this festive season, when the customer traffic is at an all-time high, you can enhance your customer experience with:

  • Richly personalized customer engagement
  • Free-flowing humanlike conversations
  • Sentiment driven query resolution

4. Stay Ahead Of The Trends

With the festive seasons right on the horizon, now is just the time to employ AI based Predictive Analytics on your business data.

AI Data Analytics collects all the historical business and customer data to derive insights in customer behavior and trend forecasts. All the questions about the customer expectations and business projections lie in your data itself. AI Data Analytics help you tap in the true potential of your business by translating structured and unstructured data into actionable insights.

AI Data Analytics

As the festive season is approaching, you can gather a deep understanding of how to position your products, what are the upsides and downsides of your customer experience and what do your customers really expect from you.

With this knowledge in sight, you can prepare for the festive season using:

  • Detailed analytics of customer behavior
  • Elaborate reports on business-market forecast
  • Accurate customer sentiment computation

Signing Off:

The 4 steps will give a holistic boost to your customer solution. It offers scaffolding to your customer solutions by empowering it to handle large volumes of calls on one hand and delivering a rich customer experience with an incredible attention to detail on the other. has been around the block for quite some time helping businesses transform their traditional ways of customer engagement to new-age customer experience. With the festive season fast approaching, we are excited to accept more such challenges of refining customer experience and boosting its sustainability under tense conditions.

If your business lacks the acuity and strength to tackle customer problems during the festive season, upgrade your current solutions, delight your customers and remind them that you care.

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