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How AI Technology in Healthcare Can Enhance Patient Engagement and Care

Chatbots have gained a lot of fuss about being the ‘next cutting-edge’ thing for businesses for the right reasons. From opening an account in a bank to booking a table at your favorite restaurant, this, intelligent tool has become a must for any fast-growing business, no matter if it is just a start-up company or a large corporation. Although a chatbot has seen huge growth and acceptance in almost every business sector; the healthcare sector has always been skeptical about adopting it due to privacy, security, and reliability-related concerns.


The COVID-19 pandemic across the globe seems to be changing the game. Healthcare authorities are struggling to cope with the current uncertain health crisis as hospitals are short of medical equipment and staff. Hospitals are overwhelmed with queries and cases pouring in, from the infected ones to other concerned and extra precautionary individuals. Painfully almost all kinds of emergency response health support systems worldwide are on the verge of collapse. The situation has brought on uncertain changes to the healthcare domain as well as people in their daily lives. Patients’ needs have changed as they need access to information faster and more than anything else, they want a response to their concerns instantly. Thanks to the technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning (ML) for providing Chatbots- an excellent solution to solve most of the organizational problems.

Yes, AI patient engagement chatbots, thus are playing a significant role in saving and changing lives, positively…of course!

In light of the current unprecedented situation, here are the top Chatbot-Interactive Healthcare Use Cases making it one of the most effective tools for the interaction between healthcare providers and patients:

1. Illness Symptoms Checker

This smart ai patient engagement tool gives patients a quick opportunity for self-diagnosis by generating a medical questionnaire. Based on the patients’ responses to the questionnaire regarding their condition, they get recommendations for the appropriate course of action. This feature seems to make medic bots a big hit in healthcare.

2. Scheduling Appointments

Visiting the doctor’s clinic personally for booking an appointment could be a nerve-racking process for someone who is already undergoing a health problem. It may also be hectic for the clinic staff who are unnecessarily tied up manually interacting with patients to do such a mundane job when they could be doing something more valuable. And thus, appointment booking chatbots are the new normal. Smart doctor appointment chatbots are making life easier for patients as well as for healthcare workers.

3. Medical News and Updates

Voice and text enabled experience is a growing new channel for reaching out to people and providing them the useful and accurate information they are looking for. This young technology has given a helping hand to healthcare in the current difficult times and proved its potential to disrupt the healthcare sector in the years ahead. Most organizations have already started leveraging conversational AI to redefine the patient experience.

4. Shop for Medications

Gone are the days when one would need to rush to the medical stores to buy medicines. Lately, ordering the prescribed medicine is made super-easy with chatbots. The customer can upload the medical prescription and place an order for the medicine using the most suitable payment options.

5. Notifications and Promotions

Patient engagement chatbots can be leveraged to promote medical products and diagnostic machines by providing product demos. Chatbots can help companies collect and store conversational data that can provide helpful data-driven insights, to plan and create marketing campaigns by identifying consumer behaviors.

6. Automated-Instant responses to FAQs

An FAQ automated Chatbot can reduce waiting times and increase the response times, which doesn’t only scale up your customer satisfaction levels but tremendously improve the conversion rates. Many healthcare companies have already started implementing this effective tool to provide enough time for the agents to focus on more complex issues and do more productive work.

7. Reminders for Medication/ Tracker and Much More!

Reminder bots are trained to deliver a personalized experience by facilitating medicine reminders to patients as per their prescription. Chatbots are capable of tracking body weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels to stay fit and be aligned with his health goals. This vital feature of bots helps promote a healthy lifestyle amongst people.


In the healthcare sector, the implementation of chatbots can be a great help for patients and healthcare professionals. Often visiting the doctor or a clinic for primary care, in today’s busy life schedule, maybe a hectic job. And that is when this effective AI patient engagement tool– chatbots comes into the picture, as it can open up unlimited opportunities for scaling up and automating patient interactions. has ready-to-use conversational AI in healthcare modules and can manage the complete end-to-end healthcare portfolio. Engagely’s intelligence has proven to be beneficial in handling volumes and also it is well equipped with other advantages like leveraging personalized and accurate customer engagement to drive better lead conversions, handling medical inventory management, report distribution, and management, and to name a few.

Engagely is a smart AI Customer Engagement solution to provide faster, 24/7, multilingual, & omnichannel support, maintaining the consistent brand language.

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