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How Chatbots are helping Businesses transform Customer Experience?

Organizations are increasingly using chatbots in their operations to boost efficiency and customer satisfaction. Have you ever considered the additional benefits of chatbots? There are a slew of other advantages of implementing chatbots for your customer support and experience. After all, customer experience should be your focus when it comes to offering the best service. However, as the business grows, so does the number of customers. It becomes harder to provide equal satisfaction to all your customers at a certain point. You may, however, overcome this challenge with the help of chatbots.

What should you know about chatbots?

Chatbots serve as a computer program based on AI and machine learning technology. These automate CX workflows and enable hassle free interaction with customers.  The analytics and actionable insights help you understand your customer better and identify their needs and preferences. This further lets you deliver proactive support and hyper personalized experience to your customers.  From solving simple customer queries, chatbots have been upgraded for making real time human like conversations with the help of Natural language processing (NLP), sentiment and predictive analysis methods. Almost every type of business engaged in healthcare, education, ecommerce and even finance are benefitted from the Chabot technology. Omnichannel accessibility, Multilingual capabilities, and end to end CX automation are the recent up gradations that businesses are increasingly adopting AI powered Chatbot for their customer support and experience. 

Why is there a need to implement a chatbot for business?

You can’t afford to lose clients in this competitive business world. A one-second delay in answering a customer can give your rival an edge. Using a business chatbot will help in delivering on demand customer support. AI Chatbots are considered as faster, more effective, and efficient means of resolving problems. Pleased customers become more devoted to your business and even spread the brand image to their networks.

How does a chatbot improve customer experience?

24*7*365 availability : Customers can  get irritated by long queues or delayed responses. Furthermore, according to the retail industry executive survey 2013, as organizations lose approximately 75% of their customers due to extended wait times, it’s safe to claim that “not getting immediate responses is certainly one of the most significant reasons for customer loss.” AI chatbots can assist in providing immediate answers to client questions. When the customer service agents are busy or unavailable, chatbot enables organizations to provide quick answers just round the clock at no additional expense.

Aids in delivery of relevant information: Personalization can be a challenging and time-consuming job, but AI Automation makes it easier. Consumers are 75 percent more likely to purchase from a brand when they are addressed, valued, or given appropriate advice. Artificial Intelligence aids in the analysis of client data and their purchase behaviour based on conversation history and provide personalised experience. Organizations can focus on distinctive purchase behaviours and gain a deeper knowledge of each consumer by building customer profiles.  The Omnichannel functionality helps you send customers relevant information at the appropriate moment and through the channels and devices customers prefer.

Improved customer satisfaction: Data gathering and simulation are used in predictive analytics to develop forecasts that give customers the impression that the goods or services are personalized precisely for them. Companies can quickly extract meaningful insights from research outcomes to enhance consumer retention while improving agents’ productivity.

Enhanced engagement: Chatbots can assist organizations in taking customer engagement to new heights. Interaction can be triggered by user information and made more engaging by deploying conversational AI chatbots. Furthermore, bots provide consistent responses, which helps you avoid providing customers with irrelevant information. When you provide meaningful and timely responses, customers will prefer to stay on the website and continue the conversation.

Real time query resolution: People had to wait many consecutive business days to get their questions answered in early times. They would have to write an email to the customer service department and wait for them to reply. But with the advancement of technologies, chatbots were introduced, which made the waiting period null. People do not have to wait for an eternity to get their problems solved. Timely and automatic answers to queries can be delivered for faster redress of complaints.

Cost effective: One of the key advantages of AI chatbots is that they help organizations save a lot of time of human agents by answering routine inquiries. Only the most complicated questions that require human assistance are sent to the human agent. Thereby allowing customer support agents to focus on more critical issues that require human intervention, lowering operating costs, time, and labour.


Engagely’s AI powered Chatbots serve as the best tool for businesses that can improve their customer interaction. By utilizing these in businesses services have made it possible to resolve customer issues instantly. Moreover, the AI powered chatbots simplify manual CX workflows. According to a study by Outgrow, nearly 80% of businesses are projected to employ AI-powered Chatbot systems in their business processes. This increasing reliance on the rapidly growing intelligent virtual assistants is justified by what it offers to businesses. That is, a solid customer support, surveys key customer data and ultimately improves the business processes seamlessly.

Akshada Benke

Senior content developer- Marketing

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