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How Employing CX Automation Can Transform Your Contact Center

Efficient, interactive, and quick customer support is crucial for a business to meet the modern customer experience demands. Customers are likely to prefer to continue business with the organization that offers a positive customer service experience. So if you want your business to grow fast, you need to put the pedal to the metal with your customer service efforts. 

However, as businesses expand over time, the contact center faces obvious difficulties that greatly impact the overall customer experience. Some of the obstacles faced by traditional contact centers are,  

  • Increased Call Volume, 
  • Inefficient Software Tools,  
  • Inaccurate Call Escalations, & 
  • Resolution failures 
  • High operational costs 

These setbacks directly affect the productivity of your customer support reps and in turn, result in a bad customer experience. The customers are subjected to robot-like IVR responses, complicated pathways, and long wait times, causing great dissatisfaction with the services.  

Clearly, the traditional contact center needs an upgrade. Converting your contact center into a conversational AI contact center can help you boost customer experience, all while reducing the workload on your customer support team and significantly saving operational costs.  

Businesses can implement various techniques like, AI automation solutions that include but are not limited to:  

  • CX Automation 
  • Centralized Information Access 
  • Live Chat software 
  • Agent Assist 
  • In-depth AI-based analytics 

Conversational AI coupled with an efficient support team can help businesses deliver a top-notch highly humanized customer service experience, which previously wasn’t possible.  

The Need for Humanization of Customer Interactions 

As mentioned earlier, traditional customer interactions are highly robotic. On-call, the customers go through an extensive IVR response process involving plenty of keypad pressing and careful listening just to get the call through to the service representative. Even the chat option is robotic, as it is more of an FAQ search engine and not a chat feature.  

In short, customer interactions are in dire need of humanization. And that’s where Conversational AI comes into the picture.  AI powered Contact Centers are the only great option that allows you to humanize your customer interactions without increasing human intervention.   

Here’s how AI humanizes the contact center and turns it into a conversational AI Contact Centre.  

Customer Support and Experience Automation: With customer experience automation, the goal is to reduce human intervention as much as possible. With conversational AI, you can greatly improve your customer service responses and allow customers to self-service through basic queries.  

Knowledge Base: This is why you need CX automation. Centralizing your knowledge base with advanced AI software and agent assistance can greatly boost the performance of your contact center. It allows you to streamline your overall customer experience and service efforts and improves productivity overall. 

Humanlike experience with Conversational Interactive Voice Response (IVR)- Modern AI powered IVR is interactive and engaging for the customers, and it cuts short the extensive navigation through menus. So overall, you can deliver a better customer experience with conversational IVR. So, say goodbye to legacy IVR system and switch to conversational IVR now.  

 Round the clock support: Contact center automation with AI powered intelligence can reduce the call volume by allowing customers to resolve basic issues themselves. You can easily provide 24/7 customer service with no wait time and reduce human interaction significantly.  

As you can see, AI has huge potential, when it comes to humanizing customer interactions without increasing the workload on your staff. It instead simplifies processes for the agents and allows them to deliver exceptional customer service with ease.  

Some Examples of Automation Humanizing CX 

Professional implementation of CX automation can have several benefits for businesses. Here are some examples of how CX automation can help improve customer experience.  

Greeting and ID Validation:  On voice and chatbots, AI responses are much more human-like, and it eliminates the chances of human errors during ID validation. With a machine learning-powered interface, you can add additional verification protocols like face recognition and voice recognition to improve the efficiency of ID validation processes. That way, AI helps reduce fraud and allows businesses to identify users accurately without excessive time consumption or paperwork.  

Basic Troubleshooting: With conversational AI, you can automate basic troubleshooting to reduce human contact. For instance, an AI-based chatbot software can be assigned to address basic customer queries, allowing the user to self-serve and get effective responses with zero wait time.  

Gathering and Cross-Referencing Customer Data: With AI and a centralized knowledge base, gathering and cross-referencing customer data can become error-free and hassle-free. Customers don’t have to provide the information again after call escalation, and the agents can offer personalized support due to centralized knowledge access.  

Skill-based call routing: The traditional IVR with pre-recorded menus leads to several false escalations. The customer may press the wrong number or get confused with options, resulting in inaccurate escalation. On the other hand, Contact Centreautomation eliminates errors completely and based on customer intent, ensures accurate call assignment to the right agent, saving time and improving agent productivity at the same time.  

Personalized Marketing & Recommendations: One of the most effective use cases for CX automation is AI-powered recommendations. Currently, businesses are using AI-based tools to analyze customer preferences, profiles, and other behavioral statistics to deliver more precise and personalized recommendations and marketing pitches for better results.  

Speech Analytics: AI-based call analytics can generate deep insights and trends by monitoring all customer voice calls. It uses various AI techniques such as language processing, speech detection techniques, transcription, and various analytics methods to extract valuable insights from customer calls. AI-powered speech analytics is a great tool that automates contact center call monitoring and helps businesses develop more accurate data-based strategies for the future.


Modern customers need fast, efficient, and human-like customer support. Under such circumstances, turning your traditional IVR system to AI powered contact center is the best option. It reduces the workload on your team, empowers them with efficient AI-based tools, and helps you improve customer experience by humanizing the responses.  

In short, if you need to meet your customer experience expectations in this technological era, AI CX automation is undoubtedly what you need.  

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