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How Implementing Voice AI Can Transform Customer Support and Experience in Logistics

The logistics and supply chain industry can be highly complex – where a single malfunction in the process can easily dismantle the entire delivery chain, creating significant delays. However, that doesn’t change the fact that customers have become increasingly demanding in the aftermath of the digital revolution. With major e-commerce platforms coming into the picture, consumers want their purchases quickly and sometimes even expect them before the stipulated time.

What it means for the contact centers is an endless volume of repetitive calls and inquiries. Taking these repetitive requests can often prove difficult for businesses in the logistics industry. As a result, more companies are turning towards interactive voice response agents to enhance customer experience over calls, free up employee time, and increase employee performance – all while maintaining a spectacular level of customer support.

Traditional Chat bots and AI-Powered Voice bots aren’t the same!

AI-powered Voice bots are different from rule-based bots traditionally used for customer support. Traditional chat bots are keyword-based, making them restrictive in terms of scalability while Voice bots are able to simulate free flow human-like conversations faster and better. Also the traditional bots must be trained explicitly compared to Voice Bot, which learns from every interaction. Because AI powered Voice bots use a natural language processing mechanism, they can understand and respond to queries much more intelligently, giving them a wide range of applications in improving customer experience.  A touch less interface of an AI Voice bot allows users to speak to the device and initiate an action.

Some common use cases of Voice AI Automation in enhancing Customer Experience in Logistics  

Because Voice AI assistants will be available throughout the day with no waiting time, they can automate the processing of simple requests while communicating with consumers. They can perform pre-qualifying and routing calls along with end-to-end call processing. Integrating them into your logistics system would ultimately mean happy customers, translating into repeat customers.

By automating certain crucial areas of the system, Voice AI agents can lead to significant productivity gains – especially when there are repetitive and massive call flows. Here are a few use cases of how voice AI will transform customer experience now and, in the future –

Requesting Delivery Service –

A Voice bot can easily manage the processing of an order from beginning to end. It can easily collect relevant data, communicate with various internal systems, provide real-time information on availability, confirm orders, and much more. Other than that, Voice bots can identify and authenticate given information right on the spot, such as dates, prices, insurance, pickup and delivery locations, etc.

Amending Orders –

Customers may want to make changes to their orders, and because AI Voice bots can easily identify consumers based on their phone number or after requesting additional information, they can easily cancel, modify, or add extra services to bookings or orders without having to wait on hold to speak to a human agent.

Tracking Shipping in Real-Time –

Customers are eager to know when their deliveries will arrive, and you can make it convenient for them by making the shipping process as transparent as possible. Customers will no longer have to go through the hassle of entering tracking numbers to check the shipping status. They can do it by contacting the AI Voice bot for assistance regarding tracking queries.

Getting Delivery Notifications –

Voice AI agents can easily communicate with users to offer updates regarding deliveries through notifications. Customers will be able to make further inquiries, if necessary, using the same interface as the notification, making it hassle-free and quick.

Providing Feedback and Complaints –

AI Voice bots can collect feedback from users, where they can offer suggestions to improve products or services. It can be done by calling the customer at a convenient time, or asking a few questions after they make a call to customer support. Because virtual agents will collect a vast amount of data, the call transcripts and statistics could be used to analyse feedback efficiently.

Learning about Shipping Rules and FAQs –

A virtual agent can be automated to work as an FAQ resolution bot. It can offer pre-programmed responses to queries frequently asked by consumers regarding weight limitations, delivery schedule, pricing, and much more. It will save precious time for your consumers because they can easily evade going through irrelevant content to find what they want.

Some of the key benefits of integrating an AI Voice bot into your logistics system are – 

  • Zero Waiting Time
  • Improved First Call Resolution
  • Human-Like Voice-Based Response
  • Improved Average Handling Time
  • After-Hours Customer Support
  • Personalized Experience

Adopting automated technology will not only enhance customer experience but also drive business growth in the future.

Wrapping Up

Due to the increase in demand for products and the need to expand their reachability, Voice bots are becoming an integral part of the logistics system. In a fast-paced industry such as logistics and supply chain, the need of the hour for any business is to reduce errors and improve efficiency. As a result, more ecommerce businesses are looking for the best IVR automation service provider to scale operations and provide an improved customer experience.

Having experience building Voice bots for clients across different industries, Engagely’s Voice AI solutions for logistics focus on smoothening business processes and customer support. With innovation, integrity, and confidentiality at the heart of our guiding principles, we build AI Voice bots to help enhance your support, conversations, and productivity levels through automation.

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