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How is Voice AI shaping the future of customer experience?

In olden days, customers had only the phone call option, which would take them through a complicated IVR system before they could speak with an actual agent. Even after navigating through the complex menu, customers had to face long wait times with the traditional IVR system. These limitations greatly and adversely affected the customer experience.  

However, all that has changed with the arrival of Voice AI. Voice AI is currently shaping the future of customer experience by helping businesses overcome the limitations of the traditional IVR system. Voice AI is helping businesses deliver exceptional customer service and support without increasing the workload on their agents. 

What is Voice AI? 

Voice AI is an artificial intelligence-based conversational tool that can accept voice commands and respond according to the customer’s request using AI-based algorithms. Voice AI has the ability to understand human language, and therefore, it helps companies provide a human-like interaction without any human intervention. With the Voice AI tool, companies are now distributing their call volume and giving power to the customers to self-serve through various basic business functions.  

Voice AI currently has a wide range of applications across various sectors. Just in the customer service and support department, Voice AI can be implemented in several different ways to provide an exceptional customer experience.  

Applications of Voice AI 

Here are some of the best ways Voice AI is currently in use for the customer service sector.  

Voice-to-text: The voice-to-text feature allows businesses to provide a hands-free operation mode for their applications. So, the customers don’t have to type in the information every time they use an application. They can simply speak, and the AI system will convert it into text and carry out the requested functions.   

AI powered modern IVR: New age Voice AI is currently replacing the traditional IVR and providing a highly interactive human-like interaction with the customers. The customers can directly access the AI system without pressing buttons on the keyboard, and they can directly speak and get their queries resolved almost instantly.  

Voice Search: Voice search system allows businesses to provide a highly futuristic experience on their smartphone applications. It reduces the need to type information, and the user can directly speak, and the system will search the database for related information.  

Lead gen: Voice AI can also be used to automate the pre-sales marketing processes to deliver highly personalized marketing pitches to potential customers. With in-depth analysis and forecasting abilities, AI-based conversational Voice bots have a higher chance of converting prospects into customers.  

Customer support functions: Voice AI can be implemented in various sections of a business to simplify and automate time-consuming and resource intensive processes.  

How can voice AI prove to be a game-changer?  

You can see, Voice AI has several uses that not only improve service but also boost the overall efficiency of the operations. And due to its wide range of application capabilities, businesses can use it in countless innovative ways to reduce human effort while increasing the humanization factor of their services. This makes voice AI a true game-changer, as it has totally changed the perception of customer satisfaction and has broadened the scenario, allowing businesses to deliver elite, futuristic, and personalized customer experiences. So it not only improves the contact centre performance but also has the capability to boost profits for a business.  

What are the benefits of Voice AI? 

Here are some key benefits of Voice AI that will help you better understand its importance in the modern business scenario.  

Higher degree of convenience & personalisation: The AI powered voice assistants equipped with proprietary NLP engine has potential to deliver unmatched convenience and personalized experiences to your customers.  

24/7 Customer Service Ability: Voice AI, voice search, and other applications can help you provide a seamless 24/7 service without wait times or delays. The customer can connect to the voice AI system instantly and get instant resolutions to queries without speaking to an actual human.  

Boosts Overall Efficiency: With the right implementation of AI bots, you can automate several time-consuming processes. This can help you develop a highly productive and efficient working culture across all departments.  

Multiple Language Options: With Voice AI you can deliver services in a wide range of global and regional languages. Therefore, you can deliver highly localized customer service without having to conduct extensive local agent hiring processes.  

Improved customer experience: Voice bots are one of the most popular channels amongst users due to its speed and accuracy of responses. The Voice AI solution incredibly leads to significant enhancement in customer experience. 


With so many benefits and a wide range of applications, Voice AI is certainly taking over the customer service and support sector in a positive way. It simplifies several complex processes and empowers agents to perform better. And that’s why Voice AI is undoubtedly the future of customer experience.  

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