Your Partner Through The Digital Age

Your Partner Through The Digital Age

"journey orchestration engine"

Orchestrate Conversational Customer Journeys For Meaningful Engagements

Engage intelligently with your customers across all the key touch points by anticipating their needs, preferences, likes and dislikes even before they land on your page.

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Every business wants to deliver a seamlessly intuitive end to end conversational customer journey. Yet, very few of them succeed. In most cases, even a simple straightforward conversational journey ends up becoming an inescapable maze. This is where’s journey orchestration engine comes to the rescue. Engagely’s journey orchestration engine is designed in a way that it can learn about the customers interests and preferences even before they land on your page, based on the page they visit, frequency of the page visits, conversation history etc. This helps you provide them proactive support and most accurate solution to nudge ahead in their buyer’s journey with ease and intuitive precision.

Weaving immersive customer experience with precise journey orchestration

Real-Time Data Connectors

Connect instantly to any data source – mobile app, Facebook, web app, email and other channels – and push them to data storage for systematic classification. The vast sets of data such as customer history and browsing patterns are grouped and passed through AI data analytics.
Here, the data is thoroughly analyzed with statistical models to determine predictive customer insights, trends and risks.

"real time data connectors"

Customer Journey Analytics

A comprehensive AI data analytics is performed on the customer journey. Each customer interaction across key touchpoints is closely analyzed. On the basis of the results, a score is assigned in terms of positive, negative or neutral experience.
This technique offers an X-ray vision of your entire customer journey from awareness to post-purchase phase. And thus this customer journey analytics ultimately identifies and indicates the points where you excel and places where you need to improve.

"customer journey analytics"

Flexible Customer Journey Logic

A mistake-proof ecosystem is built from scratch in the form of a vast decision tree. All the customer decisional possibilities are mapped to ensure the customer is guided to his/her destination as smoothly as possible. A comprehensive N-dimensional table is created to ensure all the information is analyzed in all the possible ways. This further ensures that the decision tree operates intuitively with real-time precision.

"customer journey logic"

Customer Profiling

The customer data is imported from all the data-pointers. Followed by that, a wide range of customer profiles are defined on the basis of demographics, customer objectives, and other specific characteristics. Once the profiles are created, an interactive scoring system is configured.
This system delivers customer profiling scores on the basis of real-time data.

"customer profiling"

Here’s how we orchestrate the intuitive logic of customer journeys

"customer journey"

  • Table: Table ensures data is stored in the excel sheet in tabular format. It maintains an extensive list of products, eligibility and branch location. Table serves as a repository of data and conditions that the conversational customer journeys feed on.
  • FAQs: All the possible FAQs are curated in order to plan the decision tree. On the basis of the nature of each FAQ, independent conversational customer journeys are mapped to ensure guaranteed resolution.
  • Process Tree: Process Tree employs a series of predetermined conditions in the form of if/or/then to simulate the logic of the process flow. In case of complex conditions, the decision pathways are directed to the Live Agent.

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