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Proactive Engagement: Stay One Step Ahead Of Your Customers

Customers seek solutions to their queries. The customer support process aims at making this journey as smooth as possible. This system (reactive engagement) demands participation from the customers to navigate through each checkpoint.

As the customers are subjected to their own will to find the best channel for seamless solutions, this system does not guarantee accurate solutions.

However, the evolving sophistication of AI technologies, intelligent chatbots and advanced data analytics paved the way for, what experts today call, proactive engagement.

What is Proactive Engagement?

Proactive engagement essentially means that we anticipate the customer needs and deliver the right solutions across all the stages of the customer journey.

In proactive engagement, unlike reactive engagement, the customer nudge precedes their anticipation. In other words, the queries are resolved before the customer actively seeks resolution. This new system of customer engagement is proving to be a radical shift towards a highly intuitive and personalized engagement. It ultimately enables the businesses to always stay one step ahead of their customers.

Let us delve deeper into proactive engagement and explore how it redefines the relationship between brands and their customers.

How Does Proactive Engagement Work?

Proactive engagement involves an effective utilization of the customer data. By means of intelligent data analytics, proactive engagement not only identifies the customer patterns but also predicts the pain-point with unbelievable precision.

We will dissect the system and get a better understanding of the entire process from customer identification to personalized nudges.

Customer Profiling: Crucial customer data ranging from simple demographic information, visiting history to behavioral insights and third-party data from different websites is stored in a vast repository.  This collective data serves as building blocks of customer persona that drives the entire proactive engagement system.

Predictive Analysis:  Predictive analytics is the heart of proactive engagement. Once all the data is systematically profiled, it is run through AI based advanced predictive analytics. The structured and unstructured sets of data are thus reduced into insightful and actionable information that not only guides but foresees the customer anticipation.

Personalized Nudges To Customers: Let us consider a customer who browses your online store for jogging shoes. Now, your customer support system collects the customer data, their visiting history, and identifies the shopping patterns.

With predictive analytics, you trigger a nudge to the customer with personalized recommendation of the jogging shoes he was looking for. Days may have passed since the customer visited your website, but a timely nudge with a product he was willfully looking for will be profoundly influential in driving him to hit the purchase button.

How Does Proactive Customer Engagement Benefit Your Business?

Build Connections With Customers: Proactive engagement is a great way to get your customers acquainted with your brand. If you are successfully capable of satisfying your customer with solutions before he even anticipated the problem, then you have taken a leap in building a loyal customer base.

Anticipate Customer Pain Points: This is the obvious aspect of proactive customer engagement. The predictive analytics model empowers you to anticipate your customer queries and solve them before they arise. It keeps you one step ahead of your customers across all touchpoints and there’s a great deal of comfort in that.

Personalized Targeting: With comprehensive customer profiles at your fingertips, you have the power to refine your targeting strategy like never before. Refine your sales efficiency by hitting the right spot with your targeting every time.

To Sum It Up

Responding to a customer query after days on end is a massive put off. Nothing repels your customers more than slow customer support. Reactive engagement has gleefully become passe and engaging proactively has become the new normal.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, proactive customer interactions will surpass reactive engagement. Its rising popularity is a clear indication of the resolute direction in which customer solutions are heading. For any CX leader seeking more leads, rising conversion rates, improving overall customer experience  and increasing revenue, proactive engagement is the way forward.’s proactive engagement model uses your business data to further revive its customer solutions. With cutting-edge AI products at the helm, having an unresponded query in your inbox is the last thing you need to worry about. Because, the AI bot resolves it long before it even arises.

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