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The future of call centres: cloud-based contact centre

The future of call centres: cloud-based contact centre 

A call centre is a key component of the overall customer experience. Most customers prefer to call directly via phone and speak to a customer care representative for their queries and concerns because it is much more convenient than other forms of communication. You don’t have to fill up lengthy contact forms or wait for an email response, and you can connect directly to a human and talk to them about your concerns and queries.  

However, businesses are much more complex now and customer expectations are also high. Therefore, you can no longer rely on just the call-based customer service. To overcome the challenges of the traditional call centre, and to provide seamless customer service, businesses now need multiple communication channels that provide a human-like response.  

Challenges with traditional call centre: 

Here are some common challenges faced by traditional call centres worldwide.  

Call Volume: If a company only has a phone call-based customer service option, handling the call volume becomes the biggest challenge. Due to massive call volumes, customers have to go through long wait times, and the work pressure also increases on the employees. Overall, inefficient call volume management causes severe inconvenience to the customers and also reduces overall business performance.  

Training Reps: The next biggest challenge for a traditional call centre is to train the customer service reps for various updates and changes in company services. Frequent training sessions due to increased workload increases the chances of errors and reduces the efficiency of training sessions.  

Workforce Management: To manage severe call volumes, companies have to hire several customer service reps. With such a huge workforce, it becomes difficult to manage the workforce efficiently.  

Employee Performance: Traditional call centres really affect employee performance adversely. Due to the heavy call volumes and complex call centre software tools, the work pressure becomes intense, and it brings down the morale of your representatives. With such difficult working conditions, the performance of your customer service representatives gets affected, and it directly impacts the customer satisfaction rate as well.  

Cost Management: Running a traditional call centre for all your customer service requirements requires massive upfront investments. You need to put money into infrastructure, equipment, software tools, hiring sufficient staff, training, onboarding, and various other operational processes. Therefore managing the budget and maintaining overall cost-effectiveness is a major challenge with traditional call centres.  

Importance of cloud-based contact centre 

The limitations of traditional call centres clearly indicate that businesses need to upgrade to the cloud contact centres. Companies need to distribute the contact in-flow to various high-speed channels to reduce the work pressure on the reps. And that’s exactly what a cloud contact centre offers. Cloud contact simplifies the overall customer service process and enables the agents to provide a seamless customer service across multiple communication channels. .  

What is a cloud-based contact centre? 

A cloud contact centre uses cloud-based services and various automation tools to provide customer service via various channels such as phone, chat, email, etc. Due to cloud implementation, a cloud-based contact centre offers advanced functionality to your contact centre. It gives you the flexibility to operate from one or more locations without any speed issues. And you can provide seamless human-like service on multiple communication channels, with help of AI-based automation tools.  

The advantages of cloud-contact centres go well beyond just customer service, and that’s why more and more businesses are now partnering with cloud centre service providers to automate the contact centres.  

Benefits of implementing a cloud-based contact centre 

Here are some key benefits of implementing a cloud-based contact centre 

Omnichannel presence: A cloud contact centre allows you to create a full-featured, state-of-the-art multichannel contact centre. You can integrate with various advanced tools like AI chatbots, voice AI, email AI, and social media AI bots to deliver fast and effective resolutions to customer queries.

Better Customer Experience: With advanced tools and multiple channels, customers get multiple modes of communication and instant resolution of queries. They can also use AI bots to self-serve without any human interaction. Therefore, your business can deliver a better customer experience with the implementation of cloud-based contact centres.  

Easy and Faster Deployment: Compared to traditional call centres, a cloud contact centre provides easy and fast deployment. Due to the use of AI-based software and cloud-based services, you require minimal on-ground infrastructure and staff to deliver exceptional customer services.  

Optimize agent efficacy and efficiency: A Cloud contact centre reduces the workload on your agents and empowers them with data-based insights and advanced AI-based tools. Therefore, you can expect a significant boost in agent efficacy and efficiency with the cloud contact centre implementation.  

Customer Satisfaction: A cloud contact centre allows you to provide a highly efficient customer service. The customers can connect with the customer service department via any of the multiple communication channels. So, they can get their queries resolved faster without any waiting time or IVR options. Therefore, you can expect higher customer satisfaction rates with a cloud contact centre in place.  

Cost-effectiveness: Cloud-based contact centre implementation reduces overall costs and improves return on investment (ROI). With distributed workload and advanced tools, you can simplify employee hiring and training programs to keep things within the budget.  

As you can see, there are several benefits of cloud contact centre implementation. Therefore, the future of call centres is in the implementation of cloud-based contact centre. if you are looking to transform your call centre into a cloud contact centre, now is the right time to partner with cloud-based contact centre automation expert.  

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