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Voice Bot In Contact Center Cloud – The Future of Contact Centers Is Here

In call centers, during the peak hours, customer agents are swamped with customer queries. They are forced to leave some calls due to strained bandwidth. Naturally, the customers feel ignored. Now, that is the last thing you want your potential customer to feel. It is a fact that call centers struggle to meet the ever-rising customer standards. 

Agents’ efficiency is hugely affected by various factors browsing multiple data centers for data acquisition, poor access to crucial information and large volumes of calls. These challenges eventually increase the waiting time, spoils the customer experience and increases the operational costs. 

For businesses contemplating a tradeoff between operational costs and customer experience, we have good news for you. You really don’t have to pick one. You can simply augment your existing Contact Center with Voice AI technologies without profound expertise and deliver excellent solutions at low operational costs.  

Automatizing Contact Center Operations With Voice Bot In Contact Center Cloud 

Say a customer calls for a query. A Voice Bot attends the call and acknowledges the customer’s concern with a sentimentally weighted response. In cases of complex queries, the Voice Bot assigns a respective live agent and ensures a seamless handover. 

When it comes to the live agent, he has complete access to the information base, thanks to Single Screen Console, that helps him resolve any sort of complex query with calm precision. 

Now, all the data gleaned from these communications is stored and passed through AI data analytics to derive actionable insights and predictions. These insights play a key role in further refining the efficacy of the operations. This way, with each interaction, the Contact Center Cloud gets only further optimized. 

The Importance of Voice Bot in Contact Center Cloud

Inbound-Outbound Calling: The Voice Bot optimizes your end-to-end inbound and outbound calling with voice automation over high-speed internet connection. Unlike traditional call centers, Contact Center Cloud does not have hardware installation and maintenance requirements. All the automated operations are performed in cloud space that promise faster response time, higher precision and greater efficiency.

Real-Time Communication: The cohesive integration of NLU, NLP, DB and CRM systems enable the contact centers to deliver real-time voice-based interactive solutions. Its groundbreaking sentiment analysis model assigns emotional score to the customer inputs. This score dictates the response of the Voice Bot. So, be it a disgruntled customer or a satisfied user revisiting you, the Voice Bot addresses the customer concerns with remarkable sentimental acuity. 

Voice to Text Transcription: As the customer is voicing his query, the voice is transcribed into text simultaneously. The text is stored in the database for data analysis.

IVR & Telephony: The Voice Bot engages with customers and resolves their query with precision and care. In case of complex issues, the Voice Bot facilitates a smooth handover to the respective Live Agent to ensure seamless query resolution. 

Upgrade Legacy Call Centers With Next-Gen Benefits of Voice Bot Solutions

  1. Improve first contact query resolution
  2. Bring down the waiting time
  3. Reduce the operational cost
  4. Increased accuracy in query responses
  5. Boost the customer satisfaction score

To Conclude

We have seen how legacy call centers are struggling to deliver optimal solutions at reasonable operational costs. Rapid automation across industries suggests that now is the right time to upgrade your contact center with’s sophistication of Voice Bot. 

This article demonstrates how, with the latest AI technology, Voice Bot imbues contact center operations with real-time intelligence, precision and efficiency. 

It achieves what was previously thought to be impossible – scaling up the efficiency and bringing down the operational costs. 

If you are keen to ramp up your contact center operations, reach out to us at _contact us_. We are always open to discuss the vast possibilities of AI in customer support solutions.

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