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Voice-enabled Intelligent Virtual Assistant: The Future Of Legacy Contact Centre

For years, companies have been relying on the IVR or Interactive Voice Response for categorization and escalation of customer calls. An IVR basically collects information from the customer via automated questions and choices, and the customer interacts with keypad inputs or voice responses.

However, almost everyone knows about the hassles and limitations of IVR. Everyone has gone through the complicated options, long wait times, and hours of keypad pressing just to get connected with a customer service representative.

Well, all that’s now changed with the arrival of AI voice automation. Artificial-intelligence voice automation is the process of utilizing AI-based virtual assistant Voice bots for customer voice interactions. Voice AI for contact center provides a highly engaging human-like response that allows you to deliver an exceptional customer experience while driving better ROI key metrics for your business.

What is a Voice-enabled intelligent virtual assistant?

A voice-enabled virtual assistant is much different from the traditional IVR and highly effective & efficient CX automation solution. It is an AI-based interface that accepts and responds to voice commands given by the user. The interface is backed by machine learning and advanced AI techniques that generate smarter and most accurate responses over time. Therefore, the experience for the user is like having a 24*7 virtual assistant who takes commands and responds intelligently according to the user’s preferences.

AI virtual assistants are already in use in almost every industry. Businesses are using it for a wide range of activities such as internal applications, inventory management, scheduling and more. However, the most beneficial of all use cases is voice AI for contact centers. AI voice automation has completely transformed the customer experience scenario and allowed businesses to meet this generation’s customer expectations with minimal investments.

Importance of Voice-enabled intelligent virtual assistants in delivering incredible customer experience

In the modern-day business scenario, customer experience plays the most crucial role. Customers are no longer satisfied with just a good product. Instead, they need exceptionally personalized customer support that resolves queries in real time. This is where the virtual assistant voice bot comes into the picture. The AI voice bot helps deliver a highly personalized customer interaction without any human intervention. The voice AI  accept voice commands and respond intelligently, saving time and effort for the customer. So, the customer no longer has to press plenty of buttons just to get their queries resolved. The stats also prove that the customers love voice assistance and AI-based virtual assistance compared to IVR. According to a Mastercard survey87% of US consumers are now aware of voice and text AI bots and almost 66% are already using them for shopping, making payments, booking hotels, etc.

Benefits of Voice-enabled intelligent virtual assistant

There are plenty of other advantages of having a virtual assistant Voice bot for customer support. Here are some key benefits that you must know about.

Hyper personalisation: Having voice AI for a contact centre allows you to deliver a highly personalized interaction with the customers. Your AI bot can detect their preferences and previous records to offer precise options, saving time and effort.

Customer service at any time: A virtual assistant voice bot can allow businesses to provide interactive customer service at any time of the day. Even after working hours, your AI bot can help your customers with their queries and concerns.

Human-like experience: One of the best features of an AI Virtual Assistant is that it does not sound like a Robot. AI techniques like deep learning and machine learning allow the virtual assistant to become better with responses over time. So, the customers get a human-like experience every time they call you irrespective of dialects, accents and languages.

Faster resolution to queries: An AI-based virtual assistant voice bot can be programmed to provide solutions to several common customer concerns. To further enhance the customer experience, you can also integrate your support team for escalation calls. The AI voice automation system can quickly escalate the call to the live agent and share the caller data to expedite the verification protocols. Overall, the customer won’t have to provide the information again, and the queries get resolved much faster than the traditional IVR setup.

Improved customer satisfaction: Clearly a voice AI for the contact centre is one of the best options if you are looking for improved customer satisfaction. AI voice automation simply delivers an elite level of customer experience. The customer gets support from an intelligent AI system that offers maximum personalization and proactive, predictive recommendations to suit customer needs precisely. The queries get resolved quickly, and the service gets only better every time the customer contacts you.

As you can see, voice AI for contact centres solves a lot of problems that the traditional IVR setup has. It delivers top-level customer support and also reduces the workload on your customer support team.  This is why more and more businesses are moving towards AI-based CX automation solutions. According to a survey conducted by Spiceworksa whopping 40% of large businesses with more than 500 employees may implement multiple AI assistants and chatbots to optimize customer experience and operations efficiency.

CX Automation Is The Future

Along with improved customer experience, and faster resolutions, an AI virtual assistant also returns precise insights about customer behaviour, helping businesses with better strategizing and accelerated ROI.

Overall, it is clear that the time is right to change the traditional call centres into advanced AI-based automated contact centres.

So don’t wait anymore. The Future is now. Invest in AI voice bot solutions and provide your customers with the futuristic experience they deserve. Connect with our Voice AI expert today!

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