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Why Are Global Enterprises Taking a Business Leap with AI Based Contact Center Solutions?

Gartner predicts that by 2025, half of cloud data centers will deploy advanced AI Call Center solutions resulting in 30% higher operating efficiency. Thanks to the rapid AI driven automatization, global businesses are now able to scale up their Cloud Contact Centers to meet the increasing customer demands.

Before we delve in the nitty-gritties of Cloud Contact Center, let us first understand the basics of AI based Call Centers.

What is an AI based call center?

AI based call center is a web-based software platform that streamlines the end-to-end inbound and outbound business communications. As the core operations are based on Cloud, AI call center solutions do not require any physical location to house the technology.

Naturally, it furthermore empowers business operations with flexible accessibility from anywhere at any time. The entire system is built on the principles of the automated IVR services(interactive voice response). However, it is not entirely limited to voice calls.

AI based cloud call centers handle a variety of communication channels such as email, SMS, live chat, and social media platforms. It not only streamlines the customer communication extensively but also optimizes the workforce task operations with its real-time assistance to human agents.

Why are global businesses now turning to call center AI solutions?

Traditionally, scaling up a contact center was a painstakingly demanding task. Right from expanding the infrastructure to increasing the resources, the entire operation was nothing but a huge hassle. On top of that, the inevitable expansion of business goals burnt a hole in the pockets of businessmen.

However, today things have changed massively. Thanks to Cloud Contact Center, global businessmen can now take their contact center operation to another level without any severe alterations to their existing architecture. AI call center solution, with its revolutionary features, promises to change the face of contact centers forever!

AI cloud contact center transforms legacy call centers with modern features .

AI based call center solutions are taking legacy call centers to another level with their amazing features. Businesses are leaning towards Cloud Contact Center because it promises high efficiency, precision, personalization and productivity at astonishingly low operational costs. Its features are transforming the manual contact center operations with seamless automation.

1. Omni-channel presence

The AI call center solutions enable businesses to offer personalized customer experiences on preferred touch points with a single window console that delivers intelligent and real-time solutions.

2. IVR based call distribution

The AI based Cloud contact center delivers personalized interactions using smart AI based IVR that interacts with callers and intelligently routes the call to the most appropriate agent based on the query intent.

3. Strong security

Thanks to banking grade data security, AI based Contact Centers take data privacy seriously. The entire business operations are streamlined in accordance with World Class security regulations.

4. Streamlined reporting and monitoring

A  unified dashboard simplifies the dynamic contact center operations with real-time custom reports. Furthermore, its accurate data and performance analysis informs crucial decisions with profound insights.

5. Real-time peer communication

The cloud contact center streamlines agents’ workstations enabling them to seamlessly connect and engage with the peers and customers using real-time information assistance.

6. Automatic inbound-outbound calling process

Enhance first-contact resolution and bolster the average-session rate with AI based automatized telephone capabilities for your inbound and outbound calls.

Empowering contact center workforce with AI-based smart live agent assist

Live Agent Assist completes AI based contact center solutions with real-time assistance to human agents. Traditionally, the agents expended a great deal of time and resources in locating information, and providing real-time solutions to customer queries. However, things have changed due to smart live agent assists. It brings the below features on the table allowing agents to use their time optimally and focus on other severe tasks.

NLP engine: The Live Agent Assist has an advanced NLP engine at its core that seamlessly identifies customer intent and assists the agent with real-time information.

Speech to text transcription: The AI and ML model of Live Agent Assist transcribes the content from speech to text format with real-time precision.The text is further stored in a database for data analysis.

Vast knowledge base: The expansive knowledge base and vast repositories of personalized customer journeys of the Live Agent Assist comes as a significant help to human agents. Especially when dealing with a complex query, the real-time processing of the Live Agent Assist enables the human agent to offer quick solutions with just a couple of clicks.

Seamless access across channels: The AI based contact center solutions unifies all the channels into a single screen giving the human agent a seamless access to the entire contact center platform.

Easy integration: The Live Agent Assist can be easily integrated with the existing architecture discarding the demand of reworking on the existing infrastructure from scratch.

Summing it up

It is evident that AI based call centers are rapidly transforming business operations with its AI driven supreme efficiency and precision. As businesses across industries are now employing cloud contact centers, it makes complete sense to scale up your enterprise and make your business future-ready. has been at the forefront of helping global businesses across industries to scale up their business operations with AI based solutions. AI based call center solutions is just another feather in our cap,

This article makes a solid case about the importance of AI based call centers for modern businesses. In the next article, we will get an in-depth look at how Live Agent Assist optimizes workforce and improves accuracy and efficiency. So, watch this space!

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