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4 Major factors driving the growth of AI-powered Voice Assistants in E-commerce

The transformation from physical stores to online stores has changed the shopping behavior of customers around the world. E-commerce has not only made the shopping process fast and convenient but has offered various tools to make the shopping process highly reliable, too.

The phenomenal value proposition of voice AI in E-commerce

Today, Voice Bots or voice assistants are emerging as one of the impressive E-commerce trends. 

And since convenience is the key element that influences the way consumers shop and make decisions, voice technology manages to offer the same with zero hassle.

As an E-commerce business owner, you can use voice for improved customer service. In fact, there are endless benefits that you can experience. In this blog, we will talk about a few wa

1. Helping more people find your brand

Did you know that 55% of users do voice search to ask questions on a smartphone? This means they prefer to speak out longer phrases of exact questions they need an answer for.

Now imagine if the brand optimizes its content for voice search. It will be able to answer the user’s queries well and thus have a better likelihood to convert them. Being highly accessible, even for those with disabilities, voice AI helps everyone to retrieve information from your site easily. 

This is a proven strategy with retail voice AI. Shoppers using voice search spent $136 more on average than those who shopped online without voice. This stat holds tremendous impetus for more retail businesses to integrate voice into their eCommerce stores.

2. Make contact centers efficient

We cannot ignore the fact that customers nowadays want everything at lightning speed and in an efficient manner. AI-powered voice bots manage both of these things continuously and seamlessly.

Plus, with chat-bots, there is less chance of errors, meaning your customers will always get the right information they need to form your customer support center. 

With reliable AI-powered voice bots, contact centers can effectively solve basic queries, reduce touch-points, streamline the interactions, and even help customers with complex issues without the need for human staff in the vicinity. 

The intelligent voice assistants can navigate the customers through the process and even engage them in conversations that seem human-like. 

3. Accurate and personalized recommendation

The best thing about Voice Bots is that they have the ability to analyze customers’ purchase decisions and generate suggestions based on that. Such suggestions help in building targeted marketing campaigns that generate customer interest. 

In fact, it is believed that relevant content details have higher chances of increasing purchase power. With AI, your brand can generate recommendations that are right and accurate. It can identify tactics to create and shape the customer journey.

With better recommendations, the chances of cross-selling and up-selling become more effective too – another hallmark of customer behavior influenced by Voice AI. 

4. Round the clock customer support

Any customer who digitally connects with your business doesn’t have a particular time of doing so. They can connect with you early in the morning, late at night or during national holidays. So, if a customer has a query at a time after working hours, they need not wait till the next day to get an answer and can connect with a chat-bot and raise their concern. The chances are that the bot will be able to solve the query in a matter of minutes.

Offering support outside business hours should remain your first goal. But, hiring a professional to tackle customer support needs in the wee hours can be a little challenging.

But, with a voice AI in place, you can easily help your customers with queries even long after your business is closed for the day. And since interactions with an AI seems more like having a conversation with a human, the customers will feel more engaged.

Plus, you can customize AIs in ways you never imagined before. It will be demanding to expect round the clock support with live human agents. But with voice AI, this USP is definitely possible. Such 24×7 support improves the overall experience, boosts loyalty, and influences customer behavior in your brand’s favor.

If you needed such dedicated support from human agents, then the cost overheads would have made the endeavor pointless. But Voice technology makes it possible to impact customer behavior with ‘always available’ support.

Wrapping up

It is evident from the details mentioned above that AI has the power to effectively harness customer information and big data to make a significant impact on the nature of how customers shop. With an AI-powered service center, you can transform the way you work and even remain competitive in the industry.

So, wait no more and connect with the experts at to infuse this brilliant technology in your customer support team. Your brand’s own AI-powered Voice AI integration will help reduce the customer wait times, and make the interactions highly simplified, thus helping shape customer behavior and impacting E-commerce.

Akshada Benke

Senior content developer- Marketing

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