Your Partner Through The Digital Age

Your Partner Through The Digital Age

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A leading No-code Total CX Platform for Enterprises Powered by Generative AI

Leverage the world's leading customer engagement platform built on multi-LLMs to create converged experiences.

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"customer experience platform"

Transform your customer experience with Generative AI

Deliver predictive, personalized, and informed customer support with advanced Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology enriched with Generative AI

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"Engagely's 360-Degree Automation"

Redefine customer experience with 360-degree automation powered by Generative AI

Automate and personalize your customer support, engagement, and experience right from the product discovery to purchase confirmation to after purchase support.

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We're evolving together

Leading brands worldwide use to drive results

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Our products

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Engagely Automation Cloud

With CX automation, be there for your customers when and where they need you.
Engagely Automation Cloud is a comprehensive suite of next-gen Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) that helps you flawlessly stay in touch with your customers across channels that include Chat, Voice, and Email. Chatbots use Generative AI to dynamically generate content such as personalized recommendations, dynamic product descriptions, smart recommendations, and nudges or creative responses to engage customers effectively. Our intuitive and intelligent customer engagement platform comprises ultra modern Natural Language Processing (NLP) model that creates ‘Gold Dust’ in every single conversation you have with a customer.
By putting the power of automation to good use, Engagely strives to make the customer experience seamless, cost-effective, and highly efficient!
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"engagely automation cloud"

Generative AI enabled Contact Centre Cloud

Helping replace traditional call centers’ painful IVRs with modern contact center software to efficiently manage call center operations while enhancing CX like never before!
The generative AI-powered advanced NLP models, limitless knowledge, and scope to automate countless processes which in typical scenario was limited to intent entity format, helps in understanding and processing customer queries faster and in a more human-like manner. The omnichannel contact center solutions on the cloud cater to all your business and customer support needs. With no additional infrastructural overhaul, the modern contact center software automates and powers conversations on leading communication channels like conversational & visual IVR, voice calls, video, email, social media, text messages, and more.
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"cloud contact center"

Unified Communication Cloud

Designed to break all your business communication silos and craft seamless CX across customer touchpoints through a unified user interface. The feature-rich solution driven by generative AI enables optimal flexibility, convenience, speed, and efficiency. The power of knowledge and analytics helps the single-user interface drive seamless customer interactions. The unified communication across channels is powered by customer 360 degree view, data intelligence, live chat, email ticketing, behavioral analytics, and a lot more!
By leveraging Generative AI technology, the unified communication cloud offers more natural and contextually relevant conversations while addressing customer queries in real-time across channels they prefer.
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"unified communication cloud"

Engagely Analytics Cloud

Delight your customers by knowing their needs more than they do!
By analyzing customer data and behavior, Generative AI-enabled analytics cloud predicts potential customer issues and proactively offers solutions or recommendations before problems arise. Customer Analytics Cloud is one place to precisely view all your customer data. The deeper insights help you un-reveal the insights in your customer data and act upon them with AI-driven decisions. By analyzing historical customer data, Generative AI offers personalized responses and recommendations to customers based on their preferences and past interactions with the company.
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"engagely analytics cloud"

Numbers speak louder than words




Reduced operational cost


Increase in productivity


Improved CX

Our solutions

Are bigger than your customer communication challenges

  • Voice AI
  • Chat Automation
  • Email Bot
"voice ai"

Human-like Experience With Voice AI

Automate end to end customer support by seamlessly integrating voice AI solution with your existing systems. Deliver life-like conversations in 100+ languages, wide range of dialects, speaking styles and emotions with Engagely voice bot. The automated speech recognition and response technology helps you drive instant, accurate & personalized customer support and engagements.

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"ai chatbot"

Self Serve-First Approach With Chat Automation

No more keeping your customers on hold! With CX automation, tap into the power of 24*7 customer support. Personalize customer support experience across the languages your customers speak and channels they love- be it social media channels, website, Google business messaging or mobile apps.

Let your customers get instant help with their queries with higher accuracy and efficiency without the need to interact with human agents. Address complex queries with smooth transition from the bot to the human agent if and when required.

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"email bot"

Email Bot- Right from the incoming E-mail to closure response

Leverage the most powerful yet unexplored solution for customer support. With email bot, the entire process of reading thousands of customer mails, understanding context and sentiment, and then providing a tailor-made response to all the mails happens in a matter of seconds, without the involvement of a human agent.

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Real Time Agent Assist powered by Gen AI

Meet the AI-powered expert helping hand to your Agents! The bot for agents empowers them with real-time support and information they need to resolve customer queries across chat, email, and voice. Thereby adding up to a significant boost in agents’ performance in the long term.
The virtual assistant reads or listens to every live conversation between the customer and the human agent. By accurately identifying the intent and sentiments with the help of generative AI, the bot further guides the agent with next-appropriate actions and right-fit recommendations. The agent assist maximizes the ability of customer support agents to handle more complex queries with improved average handling time (AHT). It helps you deliver a better agent and customer experience while improving overall contact center efficiency.
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"Real Time Agent Assist"

Our customers love us

Nothing sounds as wonderful as happy customers' words

Given the sheer magnitude of queries possible in a banking environment, it is a challenge to design a suitable solution – this was done well by the team. It calls for understanding the context and detailing – well done!

Anand Bhatia


It has been a pleasure working with– they bring in the skills and expertise required to deliver solutions at scale. Particularly impressed with the team working with SBI Life.

Vijayakumar Raghavan

VP – SBI LIFE INSURANCE offers a customized and powerful AI based solution that every corporate must have. We are using Engagely platform and now easily driving our team for Sales, Product information, Promotion, Process knowledge at their fingertips. We found as the right partner for chatbot development. Great work done by Engagely team!

Rakesh Vaghela

IT Head- HariOm Communication

To enable an easy digital journey to transact to our clients, Sanctum has partnered with platform to place in investment order requests. Engagely’s Live Agent solution has improved our client experience and reduced the time the team takes to respond and resolve queries. To top this, any new enhancement on the platform gets done very fast and hassle free.

Afreen Changani

Associate VP- Sanctum

Industries we serve is transforming customer experience across industries


With Engagely, help your customers experience unstoppable, modern-day, and fast banking services

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Enhance support and experience functions by automating and making them more efficient, accurate, and regulatory compliant

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Deliver automated contextual and real time support to your customers with end to end insurance journeys automation

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Let your customers experience delightful experience at each stage of a customer journey in the securities services

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Travel and Hospitality

Automate CX workflows and let your guests have hassle-free and world-class experience

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Discover how CX automation can help you improve quality and efficiency of care

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Ed tech

Open up new and better ways of communication for students, teachers, parents and professionals

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Exceed the ever-increasing demand for seamless connectivity, customized solutions, different range of products and services with Engagely CX automation

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Our success stories

Banking Insurance

Conversational AI To enhance Agent Training & Productivity

Client is one of India's leading banking and financial services groups, offering a wide range of financial services that encompass every sphere of life....


Enhanced Customer Engagement using WhatsApp Bot

The client is a leading InsurTech platform to purchase life and general insurance products. The client focuses on introducing and delivering value-based, innovative, and competitive solutions for their customers....

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