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4 Ways Conversational AI is Instrumental in Refining Customer Engagement

Conversational AI in everyday use

Ceaseless advancements in broadband capacity, Artificial Intelligence technologies and increasing sophistication of smartphones have massively changed the way we interact with each other and our surroundings. Today, we can simply say “Ok Google” and play our favorite song, turn on the air conditioner and even book a movie ticket. However, the implementation of conversational AI is not merely limited to personal applications.

AI Virtual assistant an indispensable tool for refining customer engagement

In the past two years, especially after the outbreak of Covid-19, the global business scenario has drastically changed. As the global business market is headed towards complete digitalization, automatizing business processes is no longer a luxury. It has now become an indispensable tool for thriving in the ever-changing market. Among all developments, the integration of live chat robot in business processes has steadfastly increased.

According to a study conducted by Microsoft, 90% of consumers demand companies to have an online portal for customer service. This study sheds a light on how the increasing demands of the consumers is forcing the top companies to refine the customer engagement systems.

In the light of this densely competitive market, Conversational AI bots have turned up as a crucial tool for enhancing the customer engagement proficiencies of businesses. Oracle claims that 86% of customer experience executives will be using AI to customize their products and services within the next 5 years. This statistic tells us that we are not far off from global implementation of Conversational AI. In fact, they have now become a need of the hour.

Let us look at 4 key ways in which conversational AI bots are helping businesses enhance their customer support.

1. Personalized customer interaction

In the initial years, the general population reserved a healthy skepticism towards online shopping. Their chief concern was that, unlike traditional shops, it did not have a human point of contact. However, seamless online experience backed by thoroughly streamlined logistics process played a key role in helping online businesses establish a firm foothold. Today, with sophisticated chat bots, online businesses are pushing the envelope further.

Traditional shops have a salesperson that deals with the customers on daily basis. In online businesses, the daily traffic figure is overwhelmingly large. Nevertheless, today we have customer support Chatbot that help cater each one of them personally with utmost precision. One can imagine the boost this gives to the business prospects. Be it guiding the online traffic to their desired destination on the website to handling individual customer queries, brands are now able to strike an intimate cord with each and every customer. Needless to say, with an effective Chatbot assistant in place, businesses can significantly boost their customer retention. This will eventually reflect on their revenue.

2. Omnichannel customer experience

Today, users don’t just look at your product on the website and purchase right away. The process of inquiring the services via different platforms such as company websites, Google Search, messaging platforms, and social media has become a legit purchase journey.

According to a study conducted by Forbes, nearly 71% of consumers demand consistency in customer experience across all platforms. Be it Facebook, Instagram or Whats app, the uniformity of business services across these platforms has become a fundamental criterion to gauge a brand’s excellency.

All businesses, small and large, are now setting up a strong Omnichannel network in order to deliver a holistic customer support through essential platforms. This allows customers to continue their conversation from one channel to another seamlessly. With Omnichannel conversational bots, businesses are now capable of refining the quality of customer engagement extensively. On the longer run, this is crucial for helping your brand establish a solid trust.

3. High responsivity with 24*7 reachability

When customers are faced with order issues, the last thing they want is to be left unguided. As a business, it is your responsibility to be highly vigilant towards every customer query. With the help of conversational AI, you can attain high responsivity rate.

The advent of virtual assistant Chatbot has made it possible for your customers to reach out to you with all kinds of queries. Plus, these bots, unlike manual assistance, is available to your customers 24*7.  Once integrated, you can bridge the gap between your brand and the customers.

4. Multilingual support

Businesses spread out across various geographies must deal with diverse customers. A multilingual Chatbot proves to be mighty helpful in such a situation. Extensively trained Chatbot are more than capable and fluent in interacting in regional languages.

A multilingual bot interacts in the language selected by the customer itself. The popularity of this feature is increasing. Long gone is the time when entrepreneurs were confined to sell their services in a specific region. Today, the integration of AI powered Chatbot promises to give businesses a worldwide reach with cost-effective solution.

Final words

Artificial Intelligence has now become an indispensable part of customer engagement strategies. It has hugely changed the business landscape with consistent personalized customer support. In this article, we saw how the integration of an intelligent virtual assistant helps businesses serve their customers. It not only refines the customer engagement by enabling prompt availability, it also reduces cost and errors significantly.

Even industries such as Health care and Banking that deal with sensitive information are embracing AI assisted customer support. CNBC states that Chatbots are set to handle 75-90% of queries in these sectors. This tells us that the world is finally ready for a full-fledged implementation of conversational AI. In the coming years, Chatbots, with advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), will become much more sentient, interactive and intuitive. For businesses with eyes far in the future, integrating a conversational AI on their website is undoubtedly the first crucial step forward. has been helping businesses across various industries to build intelligent chatbots and Voice bots in multiple channels and 150+ global languages for automating business processes seamlessly. The easy-to-use, no-code platform lets you save on costs as businesses don’t have to spend resources to set up and manage expensive infrastructure. Schedule a demo today!

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