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5 Reasons Why Customers Choose Voice AI Over Any Channel

Customer experience is the key differentiator for today’s increasingly competitive business environment. No matter how good your product is, without real time and proactive customer support, you’ll find it hard to retain existing customers and gain new ones. This is why most companies invest heavily to improve their overall contact centre performance. Companies are currently using several channels, such as calls, email, text messages, contact forms and more to help customers contact the company without hassles.

However, most customers prefer to connect to the company’s customer support department through the phone call service over other channels. Voice calls are much more convenient, and the customers get a quick human response. However, from a company’s point of view, managing the call volume becomes a major challenge when most customers prefer to call the contact centre via phone. The customers are put through complex IVR options to classify the calls, and then they are also subjected to waiting time before they can finally talk to an agent.

But with the arrival of AI technology, businesses are now able to provide a highly humanised real time experience on Voice. Advanced voice bots can now provide a highly interactive call-centre experience that helps customers with quick resolutions and call connections.

What Is a Voice Bot?
A voice bot is an AI-based voice response system capable of receiving voice commands from users and responding to the queries or concerns accordingly over voice. The voice bot can understand users’ words and provide accurate voice responses to customer queries. The overall customer experience with a voicebot is much better than the traditional IVR systems, because the voicebot provides quick resolution and the users don’t have to go through complicated menu navigation processes. The voicebot responds in a human-like manner and provides quick resolutions to queries. With Voice AI customers can simply self-serve their way and resolve queries themselves with minimal or no human involvement.

Contribution Of Voice Bots

Voice AI is currently being used in contact centres, sales calls, in-app services, and more. Organisations
are leveraging conversational AI to automate and optimise CX workflows, allowing them to boost the
overall performance of the customer support agents. Conversational AI is also used in the sales process
to improve the overall efficiency and conversion rates. With various features like multilingual support,
strong AI analytics, and no-code workflows, businesses with voice bots have seen a significant growth in
lead generation.

Why do customers choose voice AI over any other channel?

Most studies show that customers usually prefer the voice AI over other channels to contact the
company. The voice channel is simply more convenient, and the customer feels safer and more
comfortable while speaking directly with an agent. This is why voice bots are being used frequently by
organisations to provide the world-class customer experience.
There are several other factors why voice bots are preferred more by the customers, and here are the
top 5 of them:

01. Easy to use and convenient: A Voice bot provides highly effortless customer support to the customers. The customers don’t have to type information or keep on pressing several buttons according to IVR options. They can simply talk to the bot to navigate through different options.

02. Faster support: Voice AI provides faster service than any other channel. The customer can directly speak to the system, and the Voice AI will precisely carry out actions according to the voice commands. So, the customer won’t have to wait before getting connected to an agent. They can instantly get human-like responses without any wait time.

03. Personalised experience: Voice AI provides a highly human-like response. The AI can take voice commands and provide personalised interaction based on the customer’s queries. So, the customer receives a personal touch while contacting the company.

04. Best suited for complex situations: Modern customers need quick resolutions with a top-quality futuristic experience and personalised customer support. And that’s exactly what a voice AI can offer. Due to intelligent AI-based software, the voice bot can quickly understand customer commands and classify calls accurately. Voice bots with voice recognition systems can also conduct user authentication in advance so that the agent can directly assist customers with complex queries. So overall, a voice bot is a highly suitable system for the modern competitive era where customers need a top-quality futuristic experience.

05. Reliability: By automating the initial responses with voice bots, you can ensure maximum efficiency and reliability from your contact centres. The Voice AI can precisely conduct user authentication with zero possibility of human errors. The Voice bot can also classify calls more accurately, so the right departments receive the right calls, resulting in quick processing for both the business and the customer.

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Author: Megh Bhavsar, Technical content writer,

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