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5 Ways Email Bot is Refining Business Communication

Ask any organization, and they will cite email communication as one of the most cost-intensive business functions in customer support. With the deluge of emails, a company faces immense challenges like the below to maintain the status quo in exemplary customer support:

– The live agents can tackle only a limited number of emails a day. The ensuing interactions within each ticket mean extended time taken by the agent to close a particular email communication ticket

– There is a lot of manual work in an email workflow for a successful conclusion.

– If customers have a query post the business hours, they will have to wait till the next day at the start of
business hours to expect a reply. Such manual email workflow can severely restrict the value of the customer support function

These issues become a real business risk to the customer support function and increase the danger of customer attrition, thus hitting your bottom-line significantly. After all, it takes 5x the cost to get a new
customer as opposed to retaining an existing customer.

Hence businesses need to urgently address the manual email workflow problem before it cripples your business.

This is where email automation by an AI-powered solution comes to the fore.

What is Email automation?

Email automation has proven to be a boon for organizations swamped with a high number of email communication that their customer support team is unable to respond to on time. The email automation platform leverages the power of an AI-powered solution to read mails and provide tailor-made contextual responses that the customer can understand.

This entire process of reading, understanding context and sentiment, and then providing a suitable response happens in a matter of seconds, without the involvement of a human agent.

Here are the steps towards a high-performance email automation platform.

This way, a conversational AI solution can handle millions of email messages as compared to a few hundred of human agents. You can gauge the benefits such an AI-powered email bot solution has on your customer support function.

Benefits of an email bot

1. Instant response

Declining customer experience due to long wait times is a problem typical to live agents tasked with email
communication. They can only handle a certain number of email interactions on a given day. At the same time, the
number of incoming emails from customers tends to be higher. Every mail not responded to, takes the customer
further away from the brand.

With an email bot, the virtual assistant can respond to many thousand emails a day, thus adding significant muscle to your customer support function. Customers no longer have to wait a lot for a live agent to respond to them. Email automation and conversational AI facilitate contextual and sensible replies and help get their
queries resolved quickly.

2. Personalisation

The intelligent segregation of emails and categorization of every mail communication goes a long way in boosting the overall customer experience by the virtual assistant. The self-learning AI bot helps understand long unstructured emails and identifies multiple entities and intents. This way, the AI-powered solution can intelligently segregate the query and automatically fetch necessary information from the concerned department
(even across multiple teams).

The better connection established by personalized email communication strategy in the place of pre-canned responses will enable an amazing customer experience as the bot sends a structured mail that does not give a look and feel of automated response.

  3. Reduced potential for errors

A typical email workflow consists of sending emails, newsletters, reminders, updates, or follow-ups. But manual
email marketing strategy can be impeded by the limitations of live agents. With a robust email automation
platform, it is different, though.

Since the scope of work expands exponentially with every email, there is a high chance of an error occurring with
the live agents. These unwanted errors can impact on the customer experience eventually. But the self-learning conversational AI-powered email bot will provide accurate, suitable, and contextual mails every single time. The streamlined operations combined with zero errors will propel customer experience like never before.

4. 24*7 availability

Imagine if your customer has a query at 9 pm night, long after your live agents have logged off. Will it be wise to make the customer wait till the next day at 9 am? You may not know, but a delay of 12 hours will have a significant negative impact on your credibility. It can erode your brand reputation and make the customer re-think their association with your organization.

But with the 24×7 availability of an email automation bot, you can look forward to an incredible customer
experience. No matter what time of the day or night, your conversational AI-based virtual assistant can provide
the necessary help to propel customer engagement. This way, the email bot offers instantaneous responses to
customer queries, minus the long wait times.

5. Exceptional customer engagement

The smart email bot can segregate the mails as per the particular stage of the buyer journey. So the recipient
will receive timely emails and updates. The virtual assistant bot will determine what stage of the journey a target customer is in. Based on this, it will send the relevant email communication.

The timely responses and personalized messaging will resonate better with the recipient and boost customer
engagement. An accurate and rapid resolution to the issues mentioned in the customer’s emails has increased customer satisfaction.

Get these benefits to power up your customer engagement strategy

There are indications that the use of Email automation is likely to grow rapidly in the coming years across multiple device surfaces by almost every business sector. If you are looking to streamline your customer support, engagement, and experience, there is certainly no reason to wait further or avoid this powerful channel to make your customer communications even better and stronger.

We have the experience and expertise to fully automate your organization’s email processes with a powerful email automation bot. Enhance your email workflow with and elevate your customer support game with our assistance. Connect with us for more information!

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