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5 Ways Voice AI Is Revolutionizing Customer Engagement

Years ago, the concept of conversation between humans and machines may have sounded cynical, but that isn’t the case anymore. AI-powered chat bots and voice AI have come a long way as these modern and efficient tools are making customer support easy for businesses around the world.

Voice AI solution is an incredible tool that seamlessly understands user problems and responds to them in different languages. It answers queries in a way that mimics human conversation. In simple terms, Voice technology is here to revolutionize the business world.

Many experts believe that AI-powered voice assistant is the future of business-customer interactions and, therefore, a key part of a business’s communication strategy. As per Statista, the number of voice assistants is predicted to grow by 8 billion units by 2023.  

How did COVID-19 accelerate Voice AI?

It is evident that the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in some significant changes for the business landscape. Businesses have changed the way they operate; customers have changed the way they shop.

Post pandemic, more and more people started using online-based services because physical stores were inaccessible. And to ensure the customers remain engaged, businesses around the world took the help of the latest technologies like Voice Bots to enhance the customer experience as well as customer engagement with the business.

The analysts at Gartner believe that by 2022, 70% of customer interactions will include the latest technologies like chat bots, machine learning, mobile messaging etc., which is almost 15% more than what it was in 2018.

The implementation of AI-powered Voice assistants enabled businesses to keep up with the spikes in demand without making the customers wait and eventually get frustrated.

How Voice AI adds value in customer engagement?

1. Accuracy and efficiency

The process of waiting is something every online surfer wishes to opt out of. By introducing automated IVR or Voice Bot in your customer support team, you create an efficient AI-driven contact centre that significantly decreases the waiting time involved in responding to the queries.

In fact, conversational AI platform can engage in accurate and real-time conversation with the customers and have no impact even when the topic is changed. You will end up looking like a smart organization for your customers.

2. Personalization

Voice Bots have the ability to understand the context behind a specific search query. The wide variety of data points like time of the day, previous queries, locations, browsing history, etc. allows hyper-personalization at scale for every individual customer.

Such incredible features allow you, as a brand using automated IVR, to offer relevant and useful information to the customer. Since the Voice AI offers an exemplary degree of personalization, you can deliver a unique and connected experience to them. This, in turn, only enhances customer engagement with the brand.

3. Round the clock support

When it comes to generating a solid customer experience, the organization needs to be there when the customer needs it the most. Imagine if a bank user has a query on FD surrender at 11pm night. It should not happen that the absence of a live agent at that time dampening the customer experience.

A smart Voice bot is a powerful engagement medium in such situations. Since it is available round the clock, customers get real-time answers to their queries, and this further strengthens the brand credibility.

4. Humanized customer experience

The best thing about AI is that it continues to learn and improve from the data it evaluates. And this is the reason why Voice bots are capable of anticipating customer behaviour so seamlessly.

Once the behaviour is understood, the brand is able to provide highly relevant and humanized content that aligns specifically with the customer query. Since it is not a routine off-the-shelf method of engagement, the results are quite tangible. An intelligent Voice AI gives an opportunity to the brands to reflect the personality they wish to portray for their line of business.

5. Better reach with Omnichannel and Multilingual support

With omnichannel conversational AI, you establish a system where you are present on customers’ preferred channels right when they feel the need to be heard. Also, with multilingual support, they get responses in a language they can comprehend. The omnichannel and multilingual support of modern-day Voice AI solutions ensure that your brand is omnipresent.

This way, solution like Voice bot can help you cater to a wider base of digital customers as well as physical store customers and deliver a seamless user experience.


Voice AI, voice assistants, voice searches, Voice Bots and other voice technologies have become extremely popular and sophisticated in recent years, therefore gaining traction among various sectors, regardless of their sizes.

Since it is evident that customers are relying on help centres to find answers, it is time to offer them reliable customer support powered by voice AI solutions. So, meet the experts at today to create a contact centre of future.

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