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6 Powerful Ways Voice Bot Can Transform Customer Experience

AI and Machine Learning are an integral part of most modern businesses today. It allows businesses to simplify time-consuming and resource intense processes. This brings an automated, advanced business environment, which acts as a perfect catalyst for business growth and maximized efficiency.

Though AI has hundreds of use cases in the modern business scenario, one of the most lucrative implementations of AI is in the customer support and experience. On top of that, the advanced AI-based voice bots are currently assisting businesses in meeting the modern customer experience demands with ease.

What is customer support and experience and why it is important?

Customer support and experience is one of the most important factor within a business infrastructure. While the sales departments and other operations contribute to revenue build-up initially, it is the customer support sector that ensures customer satisfaction and retention. With overall efficient customer service, you can provide a highly engaging experience to your customers and that directly impacts the overall business performance.

Here are some of the key benefits you can expect to have when you have highly efficient and engaging customer support and experience.

  • Quick customer query resolutions with zero waiting time
  • Smooth business operations due to reduced customer complaints
  • Higher customer satisfaction and retention
  • Higher customer referrals
  • Improved agents’ productivity
  • Better ROI

As you can see, great customer support improves the overall business performance. However, meeting the customer expectations at the current time is not at all an easy task.

Challenges of Traditional Customer Support

Customers nowadays require quick and convenient customer service systems that provide resolutions almost instantaneously. However, businesses now have a much more complex structure along with a wider operational capability due to the availability of online services. Therefore, the call volume is high, and the customers and clients have to go through long wait times and boring IVR options. With longer wait times, the customers get annoyed even before they get connected to an agent. The increased call volume also adds pressure on the agents, affecting their overall performance. So, businesses with traditional call support system face challenges that affect agent performance and customer satisfaction overall.

One of the most effective solutions to the issue is to upgrade your traditional customer support with AI voice bots. These AI voice bots can boost the customer experience, providing intelligent human-like responses without or minimal human intervention.

How Voice bots Can Transform Customer Experience

AI-based voice bots are highly efficient, and they can provide a human-like response almost instantly. Therefore, the customer won’t have to go through complicated IVR options before connecting with a representative. Instead, they can just self-serve their way and find resolutions themselves.

Other than better service, there are several other ways an AI voice bot can transform the customer experience. Here are 6 powerful ways voice bots can transform the customer experience.

  1. Automate to augment: Voice bots automate the CX processes and boost agent’s efficiency. So, businesses can now directly deploy the voice bots and other AI-powered tools to serve several customers with efficiency and precision, allowing them to meet their CX expectations with ease.
  2. Real-Time Omni-channel Support: With voice bots, you can create real-time customer support interactions that are highly human-like across channels such as websites, mobile apps social media channels and more. So, you can serve customers where they are and faster without having to put extra pressure on your agents.
  3. Multilingual Support: If you have clients and customers in different countries, you can provide customer support in their regional languages without hiring localized teams for customer service. All you need is an efficient AI voice bot.
  4. Zero Wait Time: When you have a reliable voice bot, your customers can get redirected to the appropriate customer support representative instantly. The customers can directly provide voice responses to the bot and get connected to the relative departments without any waiting time with Voice AI’s skill based routing.
  5. Boost in Lead Generation: Voice AI also helps businesses with better quality of leads. With AI-based algorithms, data analytics, and machine learning techniques, the bot can pitch personalized services, based on customer behaviour insights. Therefore, the overall quality of lead generation receives a boost when you have a voice bot.
  6. Speedy Resolutions 24*7/365: Voice bots are helping businesses overcome the limitations of 24/7 customer serviceability. With voice bots, the customers are getting a uniform quality of service even during the late hours of the day and holidays.

Future of Voice AI

Considering the several benefits of conversational bots, it is clear that businesses can improve their CX with this AI technology irrespective of the industry. Also, your investments in AI would be quite safe, because the technology is only improving every year, and it is expected to stay in business for decades ahead. With advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, the voice bots will become more and more human-like, and the responses much more personalized. And this is the reason why most top businesses are expected to increase their investments in AI technology development.

Along with better functionality, AI voice bots can also take care of customer support front and help businesses tackle crisis conditions like the recent Covid-19 outbreak. With the intelligent implementation of AI bots, companies can reduce the pressure on agents and keep functioning remotely as well. So, you can also experience better business security.

Overall, it is clear that conversational bots are here to stay, and every penny invested in this sector will only return benefits in the future.


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