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Can AI Chatbot Handle Healthcare with Care?

No wonder this year and the COVID 19 outbreak brought new challenges to the healthcare domain across the globe. Fortunately, AI has given a helping hand to the industry and is proven to be a blessing in these difficult times! Thanks to the AI-powered chatbots that are lately getting more responsive, accurate, smarter in multiple ways, and thus no lesser than superhuman-strength, which consists of untiring, reliable, and most importantly, 24/7 availability. More importantly, the chatbots are free from some critical flaws like idleness, intolerance, impulsiveness, and especially carelessness (which is a big NO for the healthcare domain). Thanks to natural language processing and machine learning that together are making the world a better place to communicate and resolve problems by taking the conversational chatbots to higher levels of intelligence.

Chatbot has already become the new buzzword in the business world, where even the healthcare providers already seem to be opting for different kinds of AI for the right reasons. According to Juniper Research, the success rate of bot interactions in the healthcare sector (those completed without relocation to a human operator) will move to over 75% in 2022.

What Makes AI- Chatbot A Must for The Healthcare Domain?

There are several reasons why users find chatbots a more convenient communication source, bringing about a major paradigm move in the healthcare industry.

But here are the top winning benefits that make the chatbot so popular:

1. Personal Health Assistant- Just a click away

A chatbot is like a very own health assistant in the pocket that helps the patient who is unsure where to seek medical care for his ongoing health condition. It can help understand the extremity of their diseases and the relevant action to be taken to cure them. Chatbot collects prime data from patients and provide further assistance based on the input regarding their conditions, and recommends the appropriate course of action. And thus, become so popular for this very reason.

2. Bye-bye to the long waiting times!

Waiting for a response from a busy physician, struggling to get an appointment, or planning an emergency visit to a clinic located somewhere far away may be a nerve-racking process when one is down and ill. A trained chatbot that is tested and tried to handle such emergencies in real-time and guide for the appropriate medical care through quick consultation- is often a blessing, especially in today’s instant gratification culture.

3. Emotionally intelligent

The healthcare chatbots are designed and trained to achieve a caring, empathetic, and almost no robotic feel to its platform. They are smart enough to empathize with patients and maintain sensitivity, feelings, respect, and appropriate language while conversing with them. They come up with sympathetic responses and reassuring voice with an attentive ear that one undergoing a health issue may crave.

4. Accuracy is the key

Being a data-driven and content-rich platform, AI chatbots leverage AI to deliver customized, and more accurate diagnoses based on patients’ input provided in the form of text, speech, images, and videos. It recommends appropriate actionable health information from highly accurate sources so that users can make the most knowledgeable decisions for their health.

AI-enabled chatbots let the patient discuss his/her health condition to schedule appointments, set medication reminders, discuss test results, create customized dietary plans, and so on just about anytime, anywhere in just a few clicks on their smartphone! Chatbots indeed are more reliable and meticulous substitutes for online search that patients take up when they want to know the reason and the most appropriate treatment or the action plan to cure the health-related problems.

AI Chatbot aims to improve healthcare experts’ job instead of replacing them. Chatbots can significantly reduce costs, increase efficiency, lessen healthcare professionals’ pressure, and enhance user experience. Chatbots are the one-stop solution for non-urgent healthcare needs and routine jobs that healthcare professionals perform. And thus, chatbots seem to be an excellent source of online medical services on the go in the future. is powered with ready-to-use conversational AI in healthcare modules and can manage the end-to-end portfolio of healthcare. Engagely’s intelligence has proven beneficial in handling volumes. Other advantages like leveraging personalized and authentic customer engagement drive better lead conversions, handle medical inventory management and checking, report distribution and management, symptom checkers, and name a few.‘s conversational AI platform enhances customer engagement. It transforms user experience to the next level with its Omnichannel, Multilingual, no-code, NLP powered platform and helps you deploy and go-live with your conversational AI bot on any number of platforms and language within a week. Partner with us and witness the elevated customer experience. Please feel free to reach out to us at for more information.

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