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Can the Healthcare Industry Truly Rely on Voice AI?

The decade has witnessed a complete transformation in people’s perspectives about voice technology. The voice assistants have been integrated into almost every part of people’s lives today and also the next decade of voice assistants is likely to observe as much change as the last ten years. According to Forbes, more than 50% of all searches by 2021 will be voice-driven, and thus voice is likely to be the future of web searches and beyond. Messaging platforms that have a voice interface are becoming consumers’ preferred way to interact. A huge number of consumers are already using voice assistants as they feel comfortable using this solution in their daily lives.

While voice has seen massive growth and acceptance in almost all the business sectors, the healthcare sector has been a little gradual to embrace voice due to some vital factors like privacy, security, reliability, and most importantly, compliance with HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability.

However, the high volume of information involved and the hands-free nature of the technology makes Voice assistants a natural fit for the health care industry.  Apart from this, there are several reasons how voice will prove ‘a must thing’ in healthcare.

And here are the core ones:

Speed in Interactions-More Time to Save More Lives!

It’s not only easier to talk than type, but it’s also much faster. Some researchers have found that speaking is seven times faster than texting or typing. Voice technology helps speed up the interactions as no texts or clicks are needed. In other words, with an efficient voice assistant, you allow your team to solve more complex issues that need more time and attention and thus, conserve more time to save more lives!

Smart and Safe

By accommodating multiple simultaneous calls, ensuring zero waiting times with accurate responses, no wonder if the integration of voice technology with the medical arena soon brings up revolutionary changes in the healthcare industry. From comprehending patient behavior to identifying the effects of the drug, understanding health emergencies, and setting up appointments, voice technology is likely to lead to a vocal revolution in the future for sure!

Aid to The Healthcare Experts

Voice bots can help physicians relieve the stress of paperwork and administration and focus more on the diagnosis of pain.  They can also help patients discuss the health condition to schedule appointments, set medication reminders, discuss test results, and create customized dietary plans anytime, anywhere in just a few clicks.

A voice bot is becoming popular as it intends to improve healthcare experts’ jobs instead of replacing them. Voice bots can actually take care of the mundane jobs and lessen the pressure on healthcare professionals. Voice bot is an excellent AI non-urgent healthcare needs and routine jobs that healthcare professionals perform.

Blessing for The Aged and Differently Abled

Struggling to get an appointment or planning an emergency visit to a clinic may be a nerve-racking process for elderly people as well as for the differently-abled ones. Voice assistants can help them monitor their daily routines, set medicine reminders, and get healthcare tips. Also, voice bots are smart enough to handle emergencies in real-time and guide appropriate medical care through quick consultation.

Better Customer Engagement

The healthcare industry is persistently progressing for better patient care by integrating cutting-edge technologies and digital solutions. Voice search technology in healthcare will substantially impact patients’ care, leading towards personalized care. Voice technology goes beyond the conventional option and click-based session and engages patients in an interactive conversational way. The healthcare voice bots are smart enough to empathize with patients and maintain sensitivity, feelings, respect, appropriate tone, and language while interacting with them. The voice bots are designed so that the conversation between a voice bot and a user can actually resemble a typical conversation between two people.

Cost Reduction

Voice bots can eliminate costs significantly, as they can help businesses save on customer service costs with faster response times and freeing up agents for more challenging work. An efficient voice bot can answer up to 80% of routine questions and reduce customer service costs by about 30%. is powered with ready-to-use Voice AI in healthcare modules and can manage the end-to-end portfolio of healthcare. Engagely’s intelligence has proven beneficial in handling volumes. Other advantages like leveraging personalized and accurate customer engagement drive better lead conversions, handle medical inventory management and checking, report distribution and management, symptom checkers, and so on.

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